October 12, 2016

th_unicorns006WOW Theres alot of stuff going on — isnt there — theres no sense in going over everything going on — I want to ask you something — have you noticed that its all negative and not nothing positive — so first lets get all that stuff to go positive — so it does not matter what it is so we will say this for everything — its opening alot of stuff — peoples eyes — the oppurtunitys that are coming about are endless — where as before shit started doing shit there really much actually going on — so lets just give this stuff a once over what do you say — ok so a plus we have going for us is this is some new shit — im serious check it out none of this stuff ever happened before — the united states government is actually some people or not — i keep hearing stuff that the government aliens — or the rich guys telling the government what to do are aliens — something like that — so any way whoever these guys are — they have been pretending to help us — we are the mass of humans here on the globe — the thing here is we are no longer anything but the enemy as well as criminals — trust me if you are not in on it or have any part in it — then it would be a real good idea if you know that you are the enemy and you are also up to some kind of criminal activity — which makes you a criminal — you know im kind of always been a criminal so this is an on going thing for me and quite a few others — but actually thats how it happens — cause i know your all thinking ive got my head up there real far — but its one day there you are and it doesnt matter if you got all a s or that you are a law biding citizen and you dont swear — and you dont even spit or if you go to school or have a really good job — it doesnt matter who you voted for it doesnt matter if you pay your taxes — none of your life up to this point an time makes any difference — because you are no more than a criminal and an enemy — now you want to know whos whos enemy an how did some thing be doing stuff an you be doing criminal stuff — an you didnt know any thing was doing any thing — well if you give someone the benefit of the doubt an its a mistake on your part — we thought he looked like a nice guy — and then that happened — so you see this is the part where nothing is exactly what its trying to be looking like an nobodys exactly who thier trying to be looking like they really are — an its looking like whats really going on is some thing totally else — so dude let me know a very long time ago — that when in rome do as the romens do — but make very sure you are the authority period every where ever — which we are not — but our really good friend is — oh we got some other stuff going for us to — we are way knowing better stuff than they are — i mean its kind of funny that an i dont care who it is — when someone is thinking they are knowing what thier doing when they do not have a clue exactly who they are actually dealing with — its like oh my god are these guys kidding me — anyway tell me what you think of this — a criminal is a bad mother — a criminal can do things they cant even imagine — criminals are the like supermen of everyone walking on this globe — its so exciting i got this one not very long ago — but yeah theres a group of us an that was news to me — i dont know everything but i know that we are originals and the rest are copies — ok to reveal some thing is mostly somebody gets to know some stuff — so theres alot of that going on in this blog an the best thing is if you know it your suppose to an if you dont your not — it have to say right here that dude is a bad mother f—-r — its not possible to say all the stuff but thats doing some shit when you can show shit for what shit is and then all of a sudden shit starts doing shit an thats the way its suppose to be going — and actually theres no other way — everybodies being who they are cause who else are they going to be been — oh really quick just so everyone knows — when all this started there was a count of all of us not only that but — when the smoke clears that count will be exactly the same — because everyone makes it — there will be no less but now the question becomes is there more — dont worry there are alot of levels of existence — we are only aware of the level we are on at the time — but i guarntee there are alot of things being plated out on every level of existence — i dont jump around on the levels but i can see and interact with them all — you see this is a multiy layered thing going on — with a bunch of stuff going on — the thing is the only things im allowed to know are — that i am beloved and everything is fine — and there you have it —

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September 24, 2016


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August 22, 2016


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th_mermaidandunicornsOur natural medicine —- before pills and things — was and is smiling and laughter — smile a real smile right now — you can feel a smile through out your intire body — this is why we can smile and laugh — so we feel better — if you had a sick world you would find a world doctor an he would give the sick world laughter and it would get better — if we dont do anything else yet — we should start smiling laughing singing and dancing — we will start feeling better — everyone is saying we are awakening — actually we are preparing to become alive — something we have not been yet — we have been doing existence of which has several different levels — no one has died — we are jumping around on levels of existence — death isnt even a real word let alone some thing that is real — the definition is sleep rest — im sure to die you would have to be alive first — an we are not yet — the thing about existence is you are only aware of the level you are on — also the universe is in its final alignment — and all foundations are crumbling — we are preparing for life an dude is here or damn close — so basically every thing is as it should be really — to know the things i try to tell you — you have to unknow everything first — you have to build a new foundation — because as long as there have been humans — there have been humans trying to control other humans — way back when you can see religion and fear of the unknown — were the best tools used on humans — to make them affraid and then give them hope — look he died but its ok because he is with god — weather they destroyed or hid the knowledge — or if they never had it — you can know for certain the mass of humanity has been being controlled and today you can see humans the mass of humans — have been conditioned as well as controlled by other humans — you see if you kill anyone that would stand against what you say — well that makes you the authority –then if you separate humans like ok they live there and they live there — then you go another step — you put someone in charge in each area and make sure each area is completely different — say like lets make that area russia and that area japan — and you tell japan this is what and you yake russia and tell them its like this — its a better way to control them because they are becoming to many — we will make a map and draw lines to keep them where we want — we will keep them fighting for what we told them to believe — we will have some smarter some richer oh i know lets make civialiation and societys we will control everything they see and hear we will make police so we can route out and get rid of anyone that will threaten us — we will have to stage and have some innocent people hurt and killed to scare the rest — lets do this we will do things in the name of whatever — we will separated and become church and state that way we can keep them all in line — we will make sure they stay busy so they wont have time to ask questions we will make schools to condition them while they are young — we can make wars to control the populations all over the globe – we will stay in places of power and let them fight with each other over the scraps we throw – and paul when your writing that book the bible i dont like the peach lets make her eat an apple — an i think a month is way to long if god is all that — he should be able to do everything in a week but dont use week keep it days 7 days make sure they are affraid of the god guy — wee will give god a son and we will kill him and say hes coming back to show there is the father god — in case someone trys to say they are him lets tell everyone if he comes back its really the devil — oh did you make sure that devil guy is scarey enough or this wont fly — if theres a problem add a secvond half of the book — we will chain it to something so no one will really see it or whats in it until we get it finished an we will make a book for each area fuck then we can have holy wars we will have them fighting over their beliefs as well as the dirt they are on –we can make coins and stop the trading amounst them so everyone will need to get coins — we have to stop all the writing and replace it all with something else we can control — what about this we will make an alphbet and it will be letters abcd you know — we will call everything before us pagen and tell them that stuff is evil if it shows up — let me know when your bible is done so we make sure they can get one but we will have all the relious leaders tell them to only read what we tell them — dont worry the people will never suspect a thing — boy this is great isnt it — lets make sure to have enough wars so things can be hidden and memories arent talked about — be sure they population doesnt get to big or we wont be able to control them and they could turn on us — well its something like that is why you have to unknow what you have built your foundation on — because everything you know has been put there for you to know and you have been conditioned to reject anything else — well ill let this sit for awhile with you an tell you this — i want nothing from you — yes i would like you to see what im trying to show you — but for your own good not mine i already know this stuff — and there you have it–
thank you


August 10, 2016

Here I am up here on this mountain — this beautiful peaceful mountain  Andres mountain — I have all these thoughts and all these memories I have to deal with  — Andre and I became like soul mates — we looked out for each other — we played ,we laughed, we shared,we fought,we planned — we were neighbors but some how our houses became one house — friends became our friends — family became our family — stuff became our stuff — problems became our problems — somehow we became inter twined with each other — Andre is the sweetest man that I have ever met — though he could be menising he was not — this man did everything with his heart while his head kept him preoccupied with inventions — he had no opinions — he had no premeditation — he lived in the moment — he never met a person he did not like — he never spoke any ill towards anyone — if someone was being torn down in his presence he would stop it and defend them — he loved adventure — he had beutiful dreams — he was a musican he could play any instrument — but his love was the base — oh my god i heard him sing one day while singing into my friends phone for some app — you know I didnt say anything but what i heard was something not of this earth — now i heard him sing while practicing but this was different — I have never heard anything so beautiful in my life I have never heard anything like it — it was amazing – that was the only time I heard him sing like that — he played for me once and that was the same both were short but neither was from this earth — I will always wonder about that — he was a very quite man — he had a stillness to him that was calming — I keep calling him a man when in fact he was youth — we were like kids up here something no one ever saw — we played — we shared everything — he had girl friends I had boy friends — they all came and went — it would always come back to me an him — he was like this hip goth musican guy an I am like this fluttering white fairy bouncing around — we were probably to funny for words — we both have children that are always in our hearts and minds — we would talk for hours — sometimes we didnt speak at all — we both had loves of our lives his was his mama ,mine was casey — they were our angels — we planned how our houses would be and the mountain — what we would put here and what should go there — we always shared food and meals — he was going to plan our garden so we would always have food — we planned the band room under my house — we planned the gazebo between our houses — he kept a ladder behind my back porch to come up — he said we should just have a zip line — we planned a beach area with a hottub inside the palm trees — he said the neighbors are going to be jealous of our yard — now im a clean freak not really what it is is that im petrified of spiders so i make sure they have no where to hang out in my house — while he has a use for everything someday so it gets hard to move around in his house — I actually know the story of every nut and bolt the man owns ok — even if i didnt want to — he left to go visit with his kids which was something he thought would never happen — while he was there he went to a rehab — while at the rehab he suffered a heart attack and he passed away august 6th 2016 — there is so much that i havent written here but for now this is enough — and there you have it — goodbye Andre I will always love you and I will never forget you Pixie


July 27, 2016

do you ever wonder how things happen — like how that tree ended up exactly right there and not over there — or how did that fish get into that bowl — why did that car get a flat tire — or how come i am late — ok let me ask you this — is it possible that everything we know and experience is the result of someones choice — if someone choose everything — is everything then by design — just because you did not choose something — does not mean it still was not chosen by someone else — thinking — that is how you can get far enough a way from a problem — so you can see it — shouldnt you think about how not to have that problem or how to correct whats the matter — alright now thought is always first — but in front of thought there is thinking — in front of thinking there is an idea — in front of idea — there is a spark of energy — now when it comes to thought and action — thought is always first — then there is choice — then there is action — then there is a reaction — we can think before reacting — i guess you could say — if we were created in the image of the creator with the creator, being in the begining — THE CREATOR WAS — energy thought thinking energy — like — a sparkler — then the creators image would be thought energy thinking — so then humans were created to be able to think to have thought — so if you were wondering about what our capablities are as humans — being able to think must be like a super human power or ability — do you understand that — we humans are miracles walking around — there is nothing like us in the known universe — we are special to our creator — we are special enough to be given our creators ability — we are special enough to be given form — in case you did not know we were already spirit — which is without form — we have been conditioned to believe that our bodies die an we become spirit — there is nothing farther from the truth — right now we are doing levels of existence which to us looks like death — but actually we are just moving around on levels of existence — the reason for this is our journey if you will our evolution from thought to form — as we began as a thought of our creator, that figured out how to get a thought to a form — which we have now become — we have done this by existing on levels of existence — we are finally at the point — where that which is only existing can be given life and become alive — where as when we were only thought we could be given nothing — thought is only that thought — there is no substance to thought no meat if you will — we need to abandon the things we have been taught as true and factual — exactly where has this information been coming from — as humans have been trying to rule and have athority over humans since our begining — and humans did bad things from the begining — do you honestly believe that in our past there was no one except honourable people — doing nothing but trying to help each other — it was survival was it not — caring for others — this is something we are just now in 2016 trying to figure out — its actually a new concept that we are all trying to wake up to — we are just now in the begining stages of caring for others — we are going through the stages of only caring for self to caring for more than self — which is essentail for humans to do to complete our thought to form journey — to understand everything helps everything be there — its not to hard to look at everything an see that we have been incorrect in the things we have been doing — believing that we had the truth — but i am here to ask you — exactly where did that truth come from — if you as a humam had to seek truth out — what makes you believe another human such as yourself with exactly all the same stuff you have — had truth and had what more stuff than you — all that happened was other humans figured out to lie to other humans — figuring hell how will they know its a lie — i ask you if everything is destroyed all books knowledge — an then you write a book — does that not give your book all the advantage — and with you having no knowledge there were others books before the book presented — where does that leave you — well thats whats happened to all you know, as reality — which makes pretty much all you know and your entire foundation someone elses bullshit — so how can you know the truth and what is real — you know because the truth can point out a lie — we have life to look forward to — i can tell you this all the foundations as we know them now, are going to crumble — trying to hold on to them will be fruitless — everything we know exists from someone elses choice of greed and someone elses lies — we are not waking up we are becoming alive — we can do so much by thinking — so i wonder how many of us are thinking out here — i am thinking theres not a lot of thinking going on at all — one of the main things those in control had to do was stop people from thinking — which was done through schooling — we were taught to follow — follow the rules follow the leader — and if you dont you are a rebel and rebels are bad — which in fact you are a free thinker a very good thing to be — so we can think and we can choose — i am thinking given another option you will have choice — and you will be able to choose — by the way all your choice were taken from you without your even noticing — thinking and choosing — those are two very special — super human powers — that can not be taken from you — this is why i am talking to you today — so if your not thinking or — if you have no choices — i can tell you that your being lied too — that your being brain washed — your being condtioned , extremely condtioned — lets forget for one moment whats being done — and think about why one person would do such terrible things to another human — now think about who would do these things — now lets think about why — now lets understand it being done to us all at different degrees to produce different results — it does not look good — in fact it looks very terrifiying for all of us — is what is being planned for us by other humans going to actually happen — well i can tell you this some humans, a very few have been controling the masses for eons and are still trying and planning to do so –and now thier plan is to mass murder 90 percent of us because they are realizing we out nuymber them — the mass could crush them now — you do know when it all started — humans controlling other humans — the numbers were alot less than they are today — i am in hopes that this information is recieved in the light of which it is given — theres only one way to do anything — positive — positive — positive — think — positive — and we can choose to think positive — what if that works — we can actually think shit to be there — an we can choose different stuff — stuff that does not hurt any one or anything — glitter is great — color — balloons — bubbles — laughter — smiling — unity , if we all were driving at 90 miles an hour — exactly who are they going to pull over, if none of us pulled over, exactly what are they going to do — if we flooded the courts, how could they function — if no one paid, who are they gonna come after — if we all stopped working, how will those controling us do anything — there are enough of us that we can help each other — we can let our people in the store and not allow any of them in — we can give the good guys electricity and not let the bad guys have any — come on lets have some fun for a change — they want to play well hell, lets play — lets stand one for all, and all for one — dont let the guy doing the right thing do it alone — if you see a guy dancing in the street get in there an dance with him — if there is a person starving everyone give them food — dont throw food away put it out for someone to eat — are you worried about money hell everyone stop charging for everything — can you see any difference in everything being charged for, and nothing being charged for — have you ever checked out how many brand new cars were never bought and where they are kept — do you know if plastic was put in, where oil is taken out — that the plastic will do a better job than the oil did — but at the time when oil was used, plastic did not exist yet — do you know that if everyone one said no one owes me anything — there would be no debt world or otherwise — you do realize the whole money thing was put there to control the masses — and still does — do you know television was created for mass brian washing and became obsilite — so cell phones were created for mass controling the population as well as video games for younger people — its going to take some effort to turn things around ,but that is really all that has to happen is some effort — none of the effects of any of what they are doing to us it is lasting — it only continues, with contiuing use — if you want to wake people up — put your foot through the tv, grab the cell phones and smash them – take a hammer to the video games — i guarntee people will start talking — there is more, but i want to get this out now — you can also find my stuff at — sometimes it takes me awhile before i put new stuff out there — well ok then — and there you have it

thank you with much affection



July 25, 2016



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July 8, 2016


I was wondering why none of us are doing anything about whats happening in our world today — I know I see it an i know you all see it to — are we waiting for someone to step up — well i dont see that happening to soon as people are being killed — that kind of puts a damper on the rest of us — so before i get to far let me ask this — its people killing people correct — who can do the things being done and not feel like a monster — dont they have mothers and fathers friends or kids — how can we know whats being done and do nothing to help — are we all just waiting till its our turn and we watch as it gets closer — until there is nothing we are able to do — its like the government has been taken over by pod people or something — these guys look like us but doesnt it seem like they arent us at all — its like all this is a very bad movie — where aliens have taken over our leaders and are controling the rest of us with some kind of maritian mind melt — you know if this was the case — shouldnt we all stop working — dont pump the gas ,dont fly the planes,dont fight the wars, dont open the stores,dont open the banks,dont run the machines,stop the phones, — i mean if we stopped working wouldnt that stop basically everything — ok so we dont have guns and ammo or maybe we do but they would just shoot us dead right — or we could get in a group an march or something but then again they would just jail us or shoot us — in any given situation our numbers would be to few because we are all spread out kind of — but we could as a whole world — stop working — what are they going to go door to door all over the world and threaten us one by one at gun point to go back to work — i mean why are we working — for what — the dream any of us may have had is no longer possible — moneys no good — we are all affraid of what they are planning — no matter how you want to look at it — basically we are fucked — what about the children — by the way exactly what are they trying to take us over for — say they are aliens — why do they want to round us up for — im thinking one of two things — they want to move us out so they have room — or we are going to be thier dinner — one other is they are just thinking they are way better than us — i hate to say this — but kind of the way we think we are superiour to animals — well i just thought i would throw this out there — an there you have it — oh it might be a good idea to think
with love an affection


June 25, 2016

th_6f228ecc-1a world celebration of our completion of our human evolution — we actually have evolved from thought to form — thought is always first — if you are in fact form — then you in fact were thought — we have done something that has never been done before we evoluted — — our brains that have been moving our body around — that has been to sides — unite and are one — the mind and the body unite and become one — now the body can move on its own — an the mind can guide the body we are human being — the body is the host — it holds the head — the head houses the mind — in the mind dude can put a tiny bit of himself — that little bit of himself dude gives us — is life to us — which is the gift of life — we are self contained units — we now are a family not a spieces — the only family ever that there will be — made up of males and females — in the image of dude — we can think — we are humanbeings — every star is a potenial universe — if we dont like it here we can make our own univerese — we have knowledge with understanding — im just thinking — party oh an dude is gonnas put his toes in grass — ok i dont have a clue yet as to what to do — but dudes awake — but i dont think hes quickened yet — oh it has to do with vibration and a bunch of stuff — and there you have it
thank you
pixie an dudeand become the mind


June 25, 2016

th_mermaidandunicornsIn case none of you know me or about me — I will give you a quick update — because one of you maybe able to help me — I am a female I just had a birthday on the fourth of June I turned 63 — I have no family except my boys an my grand daughters an my sister — that are blood — I was adopted at 24 hours old — I was raised extremely poverty stricken — I was extremely abused most of my life — I was taken out of school at about the second or third grade — I have done hard labor all my life — As a result of extreme abuse as a infant I have been diagnosed — incorrectly I might add — as well as miss handled by pretty much everyone — I have been able to deal with everything in one piece an still standing — I also have been able to deal with dude the creator of all creation the great I AM THE LORD which took some getting used to — as well as learning and understanding — so in a nutshell thats your basics to get to right here right now — I am telling you this because you all seem to think that Im like you — that I had an upbringing an family life and schooling — a mom an a dad an relatives — an clothes an food an church an a home — an a computer an books an bikes an dolls — I couldnt even tell time till i was 12 or 13 — an the first time I got on a computer was in 2002 — when I started writing this blog — I got the basics enough stumbling around here in cyberspace to get from here to there — I can not type I look for the letters — some of you get upset when i spell the words wrong — an where i put periods — hell i dont even use them because i dont know where they go — i have never read a book front to back — but i asm getting better at reading i think — i dont know how to copy an paste or what a url is or how to fix it — when i started this blog is when i started writing — an what i do with dude is — im trying to follow instruction — an when i write im trying to put words to what im looking at — the thing is that i am suppose to get this stuff i get to the mass cause it belongs to the mass — but im telling you i am failing — i am doing the best i can — but i just cant get it figured out — i will get somewhere finally an then i am suppose to do some seo thing or whatever an i go on a goose chase trying to know what that is an i get lost again — im lucky i got to wordpress — someone out there sent me herte or they told me to come here — an i did an when i got here — they had it all set up — all i had to do was write stuff an push a button an they dont change things to much so i dont get lost an can still get around — so i am greatful i can be here — the hardest thing was in order to write stuff they needed a title — so i just put a few words together an that worked — then i just started writing in the title part an when i have aenough words — i just jump down to the weriting part — some of you have asked me stuff an i have tried to get back to you but i dont know how — i try to go to your stuff but i cant ever get there — so this blog is to let you know — my stuff is the way it is because i have this knowledge and you have that knowledge — i know i could p[ay someone to help but i dont have any money — i have been trying to get this out there since 2002 so far it says 9500 people have seen this blog its 2016 — i really could use some help — if your interested my email is but if you email me please put something so i dont think your spam — an there you have it
thank you


May 5, 2016

DECKER TITILED THIS BLOG THAT WE DO NOT KNOW EXACTLY WHAT ITS ABOUT — i am thinking its gonna be about wanting to  tell you a couple of things — all of us may be not seeing or looking at — i have been asked if  i care if people use my stuff — im thinking thats a very retarded thing to say — why are you writing — if you dont want anyone to read it or pass it along — what are you writing secrects or what — i do have technorati who has claimed for me every thing i have ever wtiten on the web — put i want everyone to read it an pass it on — i want everyone to gain from what i write — also i think you should get a dictionary — and know that  there is nothing more powerful than words — ever was ever will be — words are just words but they can do stuff — how is that — thats pretty bad ass dont you think — — well letters are alive — they are the only begotten of god the only anything that dude gave life to —  thats why there is nothing more powerful than life — so i was just thinking it    —  might be a good idea if  everyone just stopped saying stuff — about stuff like they know anything about anything — i have got news for everyone i dont care what side you part your hair on — just so you know an i know this for sure — we are all going to have to get along and the sooner the better– well im falling asleep — sorry dont know if i got this one or not — an there you have it andre


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