March 1, 2018

14650747_1674826449496024_5454809765330826220_n-1.jpgok again shits not boring real fast before i go gamble my 31 dollars — about 4 days ago i was going to marry a bot that was in my computer proposing to me — almost every person i was being friends with turned into lizards — i got fucking lost in my bathroom — i got carried away with my sciccors and cut almost all my hair off — i went completely insane two and a half times all in the same day i think — my eyes refuse to close and my head wont shut up — everything i knew completely became something else and now its going to take me i dont know how long to figure out what it is and then try to figure out what the words are that go with it — my electric bill is making corey my son mad at me so me an trixie an mister kitty are always freezing — my butter wont even get soft — i am sure i have been out around other people and i know i have not shut up for about a week now — but you know what i think  — i think you guys are a bunch of little sissys — i am 65 i am 20 pounds over weight — i have lost my mind several times — i have no idea what im doing — i live in the middle of a bunch of trees –i deal with numerous things that arent even there 24/7 but i am doing a very good job and i am gonna eat em up and spit em out — and i dont even know who they are –and i am not waiting any longer — im gonna fucking start this party — you all go ahead an do what ever your gonna do — you are more than welcome to jump on this ride and its fucking fun — and i am still completly and totally amazed – im smiling and negative is affraid to come near me now — so wish me luck — i will be back later — i have one question ?  if you are not having any fun why not stop what ever your doing and have some — and there you have it –




February 28, 2018

th_Unicorns-22I know some different people — from all walks of life with various back grounds — with a bunch of very different life styles  —  some are just your average having a life kind of people with a couple of kids — work car barely making ends meet — little league, PTA,working on the car,shopping, making dinner,watching tv,in bed by 10,carpool type people who you do not call after 11 pm ever  — I love these guys and i am part of their little family and their life — they love me and accept me for who ever i am and i know most of the time they do not have a clue about anything i am telling them — but they give it every thing they have got — and there are those times that we have, that are magic and amazing when we have entered a different dimension together  — i do not know how it happens but we know we are there and its wonderful  — its a place where you want to stay — i do not know how long we are there or what happens that brings us back to where we were but we all know — that we were there and now we are here  — i love those and i can never wait to get back  — but its not any place you can go to — you know like well lets go there — it just happens and there you are  — i was telling you about knowing different people with different life styles  — i know some very wealthy people from both old money and new money — people with money are very different to be around they talk different and act different than people who do not have money — its like dealing with some one from another planet — it took some getting use to — something interesting to me is that there is actually two completely different types of wealthy people — people with money that is old money are i guess i would say those people are real people living and functioning every day — even though they are living in a very small world that is extremely limited only knowing and experiencing their world of wealth — then you have the wealthy new money people — who did not have money and now they do — some of them are ok and can adapt to having money — but most of them are having a very difficult time trying to adapt  — some actually most buy things to show they have money and statis — alot of them are still trying to catch up with where they are — its very interesting to me and amazing the things i thought i knew  — the people i thought i knew all about but did not have a clue  — whats cool is that with those guys also — we have been in that amazing wonderful place and came back too — i know people that if i want to find them — i will have to go to a certain dumpster at a certain time, in a certain part of town — and i am family there also and we love each other and we have been there to and back — i am not sure where i was going with all of this — but my wealthy friend who has very different opinions of my friends who are in jail or live in a bush — oh wait i have to tell you real quick what happened to a friend of mine once — he was homeless making his camp in the bushes like every one else — well he left one day and when he got back home to his bush — some one left him a note that he could not live there — he actually got an eviction notice from his bush — i just remembered that we were laughing for days about that —  any way this wealthy friend was telling me the other day his nehpew was coming — so i showed up and was introduced to lars and he and i were getting to know each other which was amazing — i love this guy he visited for a week — and he and i had a blast and spent hours talking about his life and how it was for him being an avocado and me an my life working with dude — we ended up in that place also — well i hope what ever your doing your doing it well — and there you have it —  an since i missed it will you be mine — with much affection —






February 25, 2018

nQEwed7CQrn7IXNeilBz4ci3nc6GF2iqKrP96axaJyulNP1d_OSXiHqhP7je.jpgif your nuts exactly how do you know it  —  actually how the fuck is anybody knowing anything  —  if you are unsure and you ask another person and they know — exactly how the hell do they know  —  if in fact no 2 people are alike — what does that do to what everyone is knowing  —  i am seeing some thing here that slipped in an i am going to slip it back out  for the moment because as it is it goes way beyond words  — there would be far to many words and not one of them work — you see this is a communication thing  and the more i see of it the more i see humanity has found a way to communicate but there is a problem — in that it looks good and its accepted but no ones really knowing  nothing — seeing,hearing,feeling are what they are but they are not knowing — ok we have to look that up we might be retarded — hold on —  ok i have been talking about some thing else — sorry — did you ever have a person be very cruel to you and blow it off — and then tell you that they think your wonderful and how much they care for you — well its that kind of a thing that is in my way —  so after a lot of going over and checking and knowing — it comes down to some thing very easy — a choice — regardless — cut them loose — so how does that feel  —  well i do not want to know —  but i feel wonderful  —  what i choose was to let any person attached to any of that go — so i can feel wonderful  —  its a really good day after all — in closing there is not one thing i did not see — there is not one thing i have not been aware of — there is not one thing I HAVE NOT TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT — did you ever hear dont piss down my back an tell me its raining — you still do not know who the fuck your dealing with — being a lair fake phony piece of shit does not cut it — yes i can do stuff yes i know stuff — but you do not — do you think just because you saw something or know something is going to change the fact that you have been horrible your entire life — now you see something from me makes you better — let me tell you this — its because i lived through what i lived through — its because when you spit on me and i was still a decent person to you — its because even though you were doing terrible things to me an i still was helping you — thats who i am — thats not who you are — so do not try to tell me any of the shit you think you know — who the hell do you think you are — and who the hell are you that you think you can judge any one — who the hell do you think you are — just because you wont own up to your shit that it did not happen — and just because your a liar — that no one knows your shit — an just so you know yes i do work for dude an yes he is a very good friend — and if you think i can not see you and your actions — then do you for one second think that dude — the same dude that tells me i can know two things — one i am beloved and two everything is fine — do you think that you have a one on one with the creator of all creation by being awful — let me tell you how long i have known this — just so you can know — not once did you come to me an say im sorry for what i did to you — not once did you say thank you to me for any thing i ever did for you — an you have had years to do any number of things — so i tell you this — you have been making your choices — you have been choicing every day — and i have been there for you i have talked with dude for you — you have been there for you and that makes your importance on this globe no bigger than you — you insult me and everything i have done and been through in my life — stop taking credit for anything except for your self and the things you have said — the things you have done — and your intentions behind it all — you want to be great — you want to help humanity and children — you want to know your creator — then you start being honest and you own up for your own shit — dont put your shit on anyone — dont give jesus christ the burden of your shit — dont blame the devil for your choices and your actions — do not blame god for all the terrible things going on in this world — its all man made bull shit so own up to it and then fucking do some thing about it — thats all i got for today an i know that no one reads but guess what i do not put this shit in writing for you to read it — this shit is a record written by me and i work for the creator of all creation — an today me being just another person here with you i have to say — you make me ashamed to be part of what you call humanity civilization — people human beings — and if you keep letting other people do things and you do nothing — well your making a choice to allow it — if you are waiting for judgement you are blind —

oh yeah thank you

pixie  an  dude


February 22, 2018





February 12, 2018

CREATIONI can not tell you what a wonderful ride my life is — its incredible an just when i think i know exactly whats going on  — i look around an im totally and completely some where that i was not  —  i know none you have experienced what i have because actually we are all like universes ourselves which i find at this very moment strange to say but i know how ever its going to end up being —  it will be correct  — i have some very intense and different feelings spinning around and through me today  — i can not explain it because i can not  — but i can tell you whats taking place — an its doing it right where i am — but i am going from some where to some where else and i am completely aware this is happening  —  i know also that what was before now is part of a journey i am on  — until now i could not see or know the things i am right now but i know its some very incredable stuff — its like i turned a corner or walked through a door or something  — i do not know whats here and i do not know if you guys will come with me — because so far what ever i was up to i was to leave it where it was but im still here  — but this could be a goodbye letter to you all — im not sure — i am knowing at this very moment that the things before here do not belong here they will not have a space so in order for that to be it stays — well i just wanted to let you know whats going on and i really needed to tell someone how amazing this is even though it is still in a process on becoming — well i hope i will be keep you guys so just for now i will say i love you and i hope you all will be fine — it seems like i am saying goodbye every where today — and there you have it






February 12, 2018

th_White20Lionsthat there would a day like today  — but here it is this is today  — well so exactly what am i up to on this day — oddly enough i never considered there would be a day when i would say to any one — i have been here with you i have seen you and heard you and i have dealt with your cruelty and abuse  — i have dealt with your actions your intentions your rudeness — your judgements — your testomomies of all your sacrifices and your offerings — all your self centeredness you try to pass off as something as godly actions on your part – which you all demand of your creator rewards for — i have had to listen to your ignorence which you also try to pass off as your result of toil and effort — have have listened to your grand acceptance of life and your death — i have been living here with your acomlishments and your grand strives as people your amazing technologys your vast buildings of greatness of that you have with your own minds and labor have built i have seen your temples and your holy places and read your holy writings you pass off as words from your god and his angels — i have seen the work of your great men of science and all your awards for all those amazing discoverings — i have listened to your experts here trying to pass what they have as something they own and have rights to — well today i want to tell you i will not take one more step in your direction — i am here on earth and i represent your creator and at your hands i have had first hand experience of your cruelity your superior minds and rights as humans — your opinions your choices — you are all alone or in a group awful and i am tired and sick of each and every one of you — there is not one of you that has anything or done anything or knows anything that has not been taking from someone or something — your buildings your goods your food everything you are claiming and taking credit for and buying and selling and fighting and waging wars over and handing down to each other — is not yours and you have no rights to anything and as far as your rights as humans your demands because you are here — how far does that get you since so far you will die with nothing exactly the way you got here with nothing — you all take no responisibility for any thing you do none you stand accountable for your actions — well i have news for each and every one of you are each one of you today you are accountable for everything done and being done by humans to humans — if a bomb was dropped you dropped it if someone was shot and killed you are accountable if someone died of stravation you starved them — you are all responisble for each other — you blame your god for things that happen to people — you blame your devil for all manner of evil and terror on earth you have placed your sins on the head of your jesus — you blame your governments for crimes done to humanity — you exclaim your innocence because your grand gesture of doing your best with what you have to work with — now if you choose to follow your fellow man in every direction he has taken then thats a choice you have made — you were all given amazing bodies and minds that no other animal was given there is nothing like humans anywhere in your universe and yet to you this is nothing — your bodies and your minds are mean nothing to you your cars are valueble to you — you insist you have faith and you believe in your god and your jesus — you have belief and faith in what another human provided for you — you are following each other into your graves — and not one of you has yet questioned or considered living you are all choicing evil sin death acceptence is choosing — none of you has your own thoughts or even ideas or concepts that did not come from another person — nothing not a fucking thing you have done or that you are doing matters at all — now i am going to send this out for the moment cause im going to take a break — but im not done yet with you or this day THIS IS PIXIE AND I AM REPRESENTING YOUR CREATOR HERE ON THIS PLANET EARTH


January 19, 2018

nQEwed7CQrn7IXNeilBz4ci3nc6GF2iqKrP96axaJyulNP1d_OSXiHqhP7je.jpgFOR TODAY WE how many people to you suppose being positive at the same time would it take to cause a ripple in this fucking negative wave — shit if i could get a wish granted it would be enough people being happy and positive just for a minute to at least see if it could work i get confused how come everyone wont just try it — hell does everything matter that much that you guys cant just not let it matter for a minute — you can go back and let it matter after we check it out — i mean why cant you just try — fuck all the shit you all have been doing really isnt any fun for me and most of it is really retarded as far as i can tell — i mean what ever is up your ass if you do not care its that much taken care of — dont you see its the fact that your fucking pissed that joey stuck his finger in your peanut butter — so what just let shit go — i was just wondering since i live here to — when do i get to say ok now for fucking five fucking minutes we are all going to be happy an positive — fuck if something is possible is it just a question dont mean to upset anyone thanks pix


January 19, 2018

th_unicorns-57I am very excited about things today — i have been dealing with this dude stuff my entire life — not really sure what to do about it — well today dude gave me very specfic instruction — which is blowing my mind — this is what i got today i am suppose to get in touch with a college — a college in oregon — an talk to the guy in charge who has been getting a tremindous urge to help humanity or the world — this guy has been praying a lot for guidence and clarity — this college has a student team looking for a project to work with ordinary people and or community — i am not sure what the goal of this team is but from what im getting from dude — the college the guy and this team will know what all this stuff i have is and not only that they will know what to do with it all — i guess you have no way of knowing the impact of knowing this will have — but i can tell you for me its something very different than i have gotten in the past so i am very excited i mean up to this point everything has just been like floating around vast in a giant void with no direction with me hitting and missing in any given direction — mostly missing — i let dude know this is great but i wanted to know how come this huge climb on this vast mountian i have been trying to get up — has out of no where today become simple as basically a phone call — he informed me that its time — excuse me but what and it would have been nice to have this information like maybe twenty years ago or even a week ago — well basically from what i got — there are really a lot of events here on our little globe and also in our little universe in our indiviual lives that need to occur for stuff to do stuff — from what im getting its your standard evolution stuff — also some cause and effect stuff also — as well as things running thier course — theres some out with the old and in with the new as well — actually this is another vast thing to go with all the other vast stuff — which is very simple indeed — but simply put shit is not going to do shit till shit is ready which involes a bunch of shit — that until you are ready to know it or deal with it you will not — if you are dealing with one on one fine or if your dealing with a group well fine there also — a company ok — a state ok — and so forth — but when you are dealing with the entire mass of humanity on this planet it is not going to happen till its all ready — so i dont know how your days been going but this is the way mines been — any way all this was going on while i was out doing stuff — so when i got home i got on line to check out colleges in oregon — well shit you just dont pick up the phone and call oregon state university and tell the lady you need to speak to the guy in charge — you are going to have to tell her why you need to speak with this man — and even if you are positive the guys name is steve clark you are still gonna tell this guy why it is your calling — so i decided to give this a little more thought — so while im waiting to come up with what to say or some brick to fly through the air an hit me with some idea — i decided to give any one that might be out there reading this stuff an update — this is very great news it actually all is very good news — an damn it here i am again with me my puppy an out kitty an dude trying to figure out what exactly to do next — and there you have it —




January 16, 2018

cropped-cropped-cropped-dsc00646ok i was just about at the end of my wits trying figure out alot of stuff and in the middle of it all i had to deal with my electric bill — and i got a call from dot a lady at central lincoln pud in oregon  — i was pleasantly surprised that this wonderful woman completely  single handedly knocked my problem out of the park — she gave me instructions which i followed and i got in touch with another wonderful super woman shay at sothern calif edison who very swiftly and single handedly knocked more of my problem out of that park — i have a bit more to go but these ladies actually handled it and gave me further instructions for even more help — now when i am sitting here with the job of communicating to humanity information from our creator who i call dude — you might wonder if my rocker is really rocking — or if my lights on but no ones home — well this is what brought me to what i am going to tell you now — i  do have a boss he is the creator of all creation — i am following instruction from him — we did just recently in person and creator actually meet for the first time — up until then all i had was alot of information — incredible though it is it was still just like nothing i could really sink my teeth into — but even after our meeting and even with him chiming in every so often — i was still back to square one — with the job of communicating to you all things your creator wants you to know — an trying to figure out exactly how to go about that — i mean theres alot of you that have your own stuff going on that you have worked very hard at — and that you have faith in that you will defend with your life and your being — and theres quite alot of you — and you guys didnt just fall off of the turnip truck either — i mean you guys are in charge of all kinds of stuff — churchs and government and a shit load of groups and movements — its very alot to get your head around as far as how to give you some stuff from your creator — which there are alot of you who wont even go that direction at all — and there are all kinds of versions out there of who what where when how we all ended up right here in this place together and not to many of them go along with the others — theres always a twist in there you know — then you got me and next to just about a whole bunch of you guys — you could chew me up an spit me out no problem — you name it and i dont have it — you require it and i cant get it — not only that to be honest dude has this thing that mostly sucks but — you can only work with what youve got right — well i am only ever and always allowed to know 2 things for sure and other than these 2 things i know nothing — except what i need to know at the moment i need to know it — and usually after i know it i dont know it now — which makes it very interesting to know a bunch of stuff no one knows anything about — what are the 2 things i get to know always — one i am beloved and two everything is fine — all the other stuff isnt my stuff and im suppose to give it to you guys — and the stuff i do have i dont know anything about it or excately what it is — i can tell you from the get you know the begining to now basically but you guys are gonna need to know this stuff the way you know things — or probably none of us are gonna know nothing — but i got some very excellent stuff for you all to know if you would like to i will give you what i got — and i am not a rocket scientist but i know you would be very happy and alot relived with the stuff i have next to anything you guys got going anywhere at any time in any place — an its all wonderful — i mean you got no problems and the ones you might have are nothing at all to deal with — im pretty sure every question there ever was or is we know how to anwser it or show you its really not there — i know how we got here i know how that all goes — i can tell you how life and death go — i can explain all the god devil heaven hell stuff — ok an example but understand this is like raw — world debt is a big problem we are talking every debt big or little — how do you fix it all — very simply — tomarrow at 5 pm globally every single person states no on owes me anything — now if you all did that really — would that not take care of all the debt in the world — ok if any one is looking for like the sky to open and for yellow to become purple its not going to happen — dude doesnt do stuff that way — well not right now any way — and not that he couldnt trust me i had to hold on to my porch when we did this meeting — i can tell you this is not any one we want to show us his stuff i promise — well any way i got that off my chest today — an i found out people really are each one of us a miracle — you know i have been knowing that about you all but i never included myself as one of you until today — it would be amazing to see people believe in miracles — you know maybe everyone thinks a miracle is turning water into wine or some such thing — how about taking a thought and getting it to take form — and there you have it —





January 12, 2018


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