letter to friends

June 13, 2017

Well hello to all of you today – I have a few things to say to some of you and you will know who you are – I have relocated so I can start my life over being so over whelmingly disappointed in myself and so many others around me — but I found myself more sad with this constent sickening feeling – I had a long talk with myself to figure out what my problem was — an I found I was carrying alot of very heavy burdens — Im talking mountain crushing weight that could kill a person — now when i started looking at all this — this is what I found — I will start with Kat Kada and Marty Kada — Marty you were my best friend and with no warning or explanation you took that friend ship away — for years I have been dealing with the saddness and loss alone — I gave you my best and I was a very good friend to you I loved you an I would have done anything for you and at times I did — well I want you to know you hurt me and have been hurting me for all this time — I forgive you — Kat I want you to know the diamond earrings you stole which were worth 6000 dollars were the only real jewelry I ever owned and were a gift from my my and dad and they meant alot to me and I will never forgive you for that — the pink camera was from my son and the pictures on it are lost forever — that I will never forgive you for — the old ipod belonged to gangster barbie she wasnt that happy with you either — what was most embrassing and annoying was all of us having to here you and Kenny Aldrige always having sex in my attic while Marty was away doing his time to clean up his life — and as for the other guys you were giving head to and also having sex with — they sat in my living room all saying what a whore you were and how bad you smelt and they wouldnt touch you with someone elses dick — you remember you were running around half naked thinking you were some kind of sex goddess or something — well they were laughing and by the way — they were right you are rather a homly looking thing — oh what you did to Heather was beyond cruel and you know she was not correct in her head — you made fun of loading her stuff up and her and throwing her and her stuff in the street at Broncos — even so she was doing fine — he took her in an they fell in love an were even stopping drugs — they came by alot — what was the matter Kat you didnt think she had a right to be happy — she came to me for help we even called you — I have never heard anyone be that cruel — an you even went an took over here work an you told her she was old and ugly an no one wanted her but you waited till Bronco was in jail didnt you — well Kat because of you she took her own life — she isnt with us an I dont think anyone knows the roll you played but I do an so do you dont you Kat — well I dont forgive you for making her suffer like that and I dont think her mother would be happy knowing without using your own hand you killed her daughter — so you carry these things now — I have been carrying them alone for all these years — well they are not mine they are yours enjoy them — for the rest of you that think you have been playing me — I did nothing to anyone of you and Im not stupid nor am I blind — you took caring and kindness for weakness — I didnt say anything because your actions spoke for you — and what they said was — you are so worthless you would jump over a million dollars to get your worthless hands on a fucking dime — well to you all I have finally said something — I hope you all have gotten far on your dime — I put you behind me now you know like satan — to all of you who have taken from me even my deoderant for fucks sake — I hope it was worth it at first I was upset an hurt but then all I have to do is buy more but more so if I consider who did this well it doesnt hurt me I just have to consider that time and effort wasted an move on — I have a new defintion for friend which I have quite a few — blood sucking low lifes the worst kind of scum if you will — for those of you who stood and allowed others to do these things well your worse than they are — oh by the way Jen Haro you stole the exact earrings my parents replaced that Kat Kada stole — this is after I spent days with you and your two daughters and your boyfriend trying to help you all work out your problems — you come crying to me the next morning saying that your boyfriend was raping your daughters — which they would all be suprised to to learn about since you used that ploy to steal my earrings — also the fact that you got your daughter doing herion so she wouldnt mind you doing it doesnt say much for you as a parent or person — also you pretending to be your daughter on facebook to make dates with guys so you can rob them — doesnt make either of you even human — I do not forgive you for your actions maybe God will but I dont see you getting to close to him — so in ending I want to say I hope all my friends are having a good time with thier lives Im very glad to have left you all — an I want to thank you for teaching me what friends really are an you can bet I will never have another — now I have met and I know some very wonderful and great people who I can count on one hand who I will always love and cherish that I am thankful that I know — and I have very loving and wonderful family that I AM BLESSED WITH — so now I have unloaded that heavy weight and can finally at 64 years old enjoy my life an hopefully I can contribute something — thank you pixie and Sheryl says hi and goodbye


April 12, 2017

We are in a state of existence — which has with it the appearance of death we die — which has been used [the appearance of death ] by humans whos god is money and material– who have been supplying fear and manufactured knowledge — to completely control the mass of humans from forever to present day — they have manufactured complete realities for the entire of living population on the globe — it does not matter where or who you are — each and every person on the earth right now is positive that they are in control of their life — when in fact we are all being controlled within whatever manufactured reality we are in — while other humans who are just like us are playing god or higher power over us all and everything around us — and may i add doing a piss poor job at it — they feel very secure they have covered all the bases — which they have not — lets go over a few of those now — while we are doing that please keep in mind — whoever you are you have been for eons and are currently being conditioned and taught for generations to follow not to lead and to reject everything that you do not already have — you are to protect and defend whatever you know and fight against and reject different — at this point what you know has become materialistic — so basically what the mass of humans on the globe know is about stuff things — it does not matter what foundation your standing on — whatever you have built your entire life on has become about stuff objects — so given all that — there are a couple of things i would like to show you — but for you to be able to see it — you will need to not know anything for a minute — if you are so controlled that you can not — you may as well stop here because they have broken you down and you police yourself — you can not do or know anything else — now for you guys that can lets carry on — just so you know i am going to try and jump you — we are here right now and i am going to try to get us way over there — so let me ask you this — thought is always first correct — like if you want to sit down you have to think it first correct — if you want to make a chair you think about it then you make it — so now your sitting on your chair — baking bread you think about it then you make it — now your sitting in your chair eating your bread — so thought is always first — so here we are and we are in form — to become form there has to be thought of that form — now you could say well shit happened an as a result here we are — you could say that — if we did not function like very well designed machines independent of any outside force — if we can agree on this we can move on — moving on — so where did the thought of us come from and why — if your going to make bread its because your going to eat it — so if your going to make a human its because your going to be one — there is no other logical explanation — if your going to be one means you are without form — so what part of our form is not form — that can exist without form — that would be thought energy — an so if we were created in the image of god as we are told we are — we would be that which would have thought — now if you look at all of creation knowing that you will be able to get a clearer picture of creation and the why of creation — so it would go — in the begining there was thought energy which began thinking and thinking began producing ideas and ideas brought about reason and reason began questioning which caused need of constructing — and so on and so forth — so exactly who are you — and there you have it —
thank you
pixie an dude


April 9, 2017

ok well i am going to jail — i have decided to do jail instead of being put on probation — now i do not know if you are a criminal or not — i am classified as such — this is because i do not fit with your average standards — a better label would be rebel – i have always had my own mind my own thoughts and i do not go along with the crowd — i do not follow — there is not much that impresses me — people have been conditioned for eons to not think for themselves and to do as they are told and not question — i find that almost impossible to do — mostly because doing so keeps you in a state of imprisonment — to the point you where you can not even have your own thoughts — as a result the world is full of people that are living in a fantasy far from reality — a very scary thing to know — right now with the way things are in the world this is not good — if everyone was being affected by the way things are things would not be this way — so as long as there are people that are comfortable and happy with no problems — there will be those that have to go through pain an suffering beyond enduring it and its constant — there have been times that i wished that that person doing fine had to experience this side of living — so they would know an see that someone is paying a terrible price for their comfort and happiness everyday — but they are all to busy to even consider or care why there is so many suffering let alone know they are causing it —
i am working on a different world where everyone is ok — where the way things are now have become only history — people do things because of their circumstances we have lost being able to choose the things in our lives and how we live them — we need to start changing the scales are completely tipping — we need to start getting them balanced — but first we need to figure out how to be humans — we need to figure out how to coexist — how can people start caring for people — i have not been active on this blog for quite sometime but i plan to start up again after i get out of jail an get moved– some very significant things happened today that i have to step back and let settle so i can see them clearly — if i know nothing else right now — i know i have been correct i did not say perfect but at long last i know i have not been doing things in vain — i have been preparing for something and im seeing it unfold — i am so excited and relived and happy — i am not able to tell you about it yet but that day is coming very soon i might help you to know we are very loved and very blessed and you will all know this soon — so i will be going to jail in two days i will talk to you when they let me go — why dont you drop me a line at ventura,ca jail sheryl cano i will have something to read then — and there you have it
thank you
pixie an dude


January 7, 2017

th_pegasus1th_unicorns-51if you can understand what I am saying — then i have to tell you that i never really know what i am talking about until its done then i can see it — an can you actually really ever know any thing — i am being serious — if i am doing stuff it is because i am supposed to be doing it — some how not knowing what i am doing — and the fact that i am doing it well — should tell you that i have some bad ass protection an some mayor help going on — how come i can tell you things you do not know — but you know it — because there is a part of you that knows truth — and i speak the truth — we are dealing with female — knowing that — know females have basically one thing they can do — one thing they are capable of doing — and that is making sure that thier male happy an feeling good —

all the stuff i tell you is an IS an you cannot fuck with the shit that IS — i always think i am the same — but i am not– other people see that but i can not — there are times when i worry but i should not — if you do not let things be a problem they wont be — you have to not care about stuff could happen — it gets in the way of the stuff that IS — look at each thing that matters why is it there an how did it get in your way –if there is nothing there — then your in your own way — if your doing that its because your holding on or you wont let go — if you do not want to accept or look at shit that IS –it is because you have to much stuff that is not — if i went there it would be like becoming part of it — that is where you do not jump into to save a drowning person — you would both drown — what you do to save them is you would get rid of the water —
dude was amused he was looking for a starting place — no matter where he looked everything is a mess — we should be embarassed — we dont even have good water — dudes probably wondering — how can they not have water — there are dead fish everywhere — people are doing terrible things to people — people dying every where — and is death is not even real it is not an IS — dudes got to be saying what are they doing in cars an planes when they can move through time — you know its probably best make everything comical because its gonna be something — an i dont think we want it all to be sad — pissing off the dude that created us an everything does not feel exactly like a smart thing — if we did make him mad where are we going to hide — i said some stuff the other day an i take it back — i am no different than you — it is hard not to panic when everything is FUBAR — if you do go in any direction an you can not make it positive — then it better be fucking funny — who knows what if dude changed his mind and decided to live on like the jupiter — we would be up the fucking creek with no water — an there you have it


January 5, 2017

ok if we are not going to take any action for any of the things that are definately destroying all of us — this is on a global scale — as well as this entire planet that we are standing on — now we are talking everyone an everything being totally destroyed — there is no one and no where that — people,animals,homes,air,water,land, nothing that is not being effected — we have been doing the same things with things only getting worse an now the scale is being tipped into the never being able to fix any thing — so if we are not going to do any thing because its gonna take more than 48 people an we only have 9 so far — why dont we dont do anything together — paying taxes is not doing any good — dont pay them — paying bills is not doing any good — stop paying them — schooling isnt doing any good stop going — working isnt helping stop working — going to church isnt helping — stop going — going to court and paying fines isnt helping — stop doing it — obeying laws isnt working — stop doing it — seriously — how long are we going to keep beating the dead horse before we realize its not even breathing — if no one paid taxes who are they gonna get first — an if no ones working that day — whos gonna get anyone — if the police arent getting paid whos gonna give you a ticket — if the government doesnt have the money how are they gonna bomb anyone — if theres no one to operate the backhoe whos gonna dig the trench to lay the pipes for the oil spills to happen — i mean fuck — an if you guys havent spent enough and prayed enough for god to do absolutely nothing about any of this yet — an everyone is dreaming an being retarded to think or even expect that trump one poor guy can walk in a magically fix things that alot of years an alot of people fucked up before he was even born — an jesus christ hasnt shown up yet — an its pretty fucking rude for anyone to lay all this an more on one anyone — even god — or even have the balls to lay the blame on anyone — even the devil — why dont you be responisable for your own sins an your own shit — it doesnt take a fucking rocket scientist to see where laying all responsiblty an all the blame reguardless how small or large — on one government, one god,one jesus,one devil, — has gotten us — an none of you can tell me you dont see this shit or that your not awake thats bullshit — your terrible from the inside out — an your not stupid your selfish — to the point of destruction an your taking innocent people an even children down with you — an you can all go about today like — oh well — well fuck you — an have you got a suprise coming — i will do a blog today when im not so mother fucking mad an disapointed in the human race — pixie an dude


December 26, 2016


requirement for death to be alive — truth we are not alive yet — we have not received the gift — THE GIFT HAS NOT BEEN GIVEN YET — existence are all the same together we are on every level — we are aware of the time — this level pop up different level — we jumping around levels — his creations most beloved — he fashioned from the tree — somewhere find a likeness — do more on the tree —

creation IS — dude IS energy form he sparkles — first he created was thought not form — that is how he created us in his image — we can think — we totally take after him — thought is always first — if your going to sit down you have to give some thought of what to sit on — in the beginning dude was there — he created us in his image — so there we are thought — hence what is refered to as spirit or soul– we came into being thought — we were so special to him — he wanted to give us a gift — he wanted to give us a tiny bit of his self — which translates to life for us — but you can not give thought any thing — so to give us a tiny part of him — he just needs a place to put it — so the body hosts the head — the head houses the crown or mind where the tiny bit of dude can lives — without the body all we would have is a head rolling around

thought to form — evolution — part of evolution is existence — note — is not life — the reason for existence is to build or create — evolution the way you have been told is incorrect — its layering process — you start with one layer you add another layer and that layer is gone and you have a new layer — what was has become whats there now and the other is no longer — when they say we were fish got legs an walked out of the water they are incorrect we still have fish — they say we were monkeys an turned into men — incorrect we still have monkeys — there is no missing link — everything is evoluting of itself — rocks are evoluting of rocks, trees are evoluting of trees, ,monkeys are evoluting of monkeys and man is evoluting of man — everything coming from thought to form is evoluting — layer on layer till something is where there was nothing — if you check it out there is nothing i repeat nothing that dies — shit decays and becomes something else — SO WHEN NOTHING DIES — and we are going to believe humans are the only thing that dies — we will need some science or quantum guys to give a complete explanation on how this all works but it does cause we are here an we are form an i guarantee any form was thought first — an i know not one of us thought up the other one — an if they consider evolution correctly things might add up a little different —

now i should take a minute here an give you a tip on how best to take all this stuff i am giving you in — the only way to get it to flow — is you have to unknow everything you know an be like blank — the reason for this is that your entire foundation that is supporting you and you have built your life on — was laid down eons ago — by the ones that genocided egpyt and destroyed all know knowledge up to that point in time — that is why so much of the past is a mystery — the ones that did this tried to completely erase everything that was before them — an then they rewrote history covering and hiding everything they destroyed — lying and recording events and things that never happened or that happened a different way — while making customs traditions ,laws mans and gods to be followed by everyone — making themselves and their beliefs and freedoms all victims of egypt — slaves of pharoahs — writing themselves as rightous god fearing peaceful humble kind loving people — that were being — beaten whipped starved raped forced to make bricks from straw and forced to build great pyrmids from these bricks — so the story goes and is written as history — so the evil pharoahs could be buryed in them –then after all this evil being done to them and all their pyrmid building was completed — because of all their rightousness and praying to their god who is the only god is gonna finally show up and destroy all of the evil egypt — hes going to kill them all and lay their land and everything in it to waste — an hes gonna send a guy to round up all the rightous guys and all their stuff and send hail and bugs an turn water red an force the evil pharoah to let everyone go — then this guy is gonna make a path through the ocean by holding up a stick am making the water spread apart — an these guys are gonna walk through the ocean to get to where their going — because their god does this kind of miracles — now i think since this is what all of us today have to go on — we might want to take another look at some of these things — there is a possibility that there was a couple of shady things going on — there could have been a few guys thinking they wanted to control everyone and everything — and with no witnesses and no evidence — and if they made their own witnesses and made their own evidence — an wrote their own books — they could do anything they wanted — all they would have to do is stay a couple of steps ahead of everyone else — its possible they were thinking — hows anyone gonna ever know — if we control what they know and what they can do — so anyway this is why you need to unknow everything — you can know it some more after you check this stuff out– now if you can beleive moses parted the sea ,that we came from monkeys, that we are all going to die,noah built an ark,an that god got in a bush an made 10 comandments an gave to moses –then its not gonna take much more — for you to know that the gift he is giving you — the gift of truth — everything you know is a lie — and we had to evolute so we could recieve life — we thats all we had to do from the beginning to here — and we are at the completion of our human evolution — we have done something that has never done — we should have a world party — everyone made it not one is missing — there was a count at the start — that number is the same at the completion — the brain unites its self an becomes the mind — dude gives us all part of himself — an is in the mind — at the completion we all became a family of humans — made up of males and females period — no women no sisters — no fathers — there are no rules or laws– we are a self contained unit we have everything inside us to deal with what we need or our body can make it — we can grow a tail or be blue — the mind communicates with the body — we can look any way we want — when we got dude all grey matter becomes active — we now get everything that is in motion in inside us spiraling — which is life to us — none of this could happen until we were completly evoluted — from the get to the completion all that had to happen — was to evolute — an we have done this — so everything that happened from there to hear does not matter — so everyone makes it — we can start living — we can be here — but if we dont like it here — we can pick a star an create our own universe — and we have everything to be able to do that — we are not stupid anymore — an dude is able to put his toes in grass — the earth is actually his space ship — yes we are all flying around in space — we are the aliens — dude made one of everything an he made one day an appointed it 2017 — and this is the truth given freely with love and much affection — and there you have it — MERRY CHRISTMAS



November 24, 2016


ok about the pipeline — do you not know that the best way to control people is by controlling thier water and food — its not at all about what you are meant to believe thats going on — its about what your not suppose to notice — and your not noticing that in a minute water will be something we cannot get — why is collecting rain water a crime — do you know there is a thing called harpp that controls the weather — its not that its not raining its that they are not allowing it to rain — do you think that these spills are not on purpose — people in flint know — do you think you are not going to be affected — do you not know or do you not believe that there are people doing these things to you — and yes i mean you — i dont care who you are or what you do or dont do — you are going to be affected — an its on purpose that this is going on during thanks giving — do you think that you will not see the cost of water go up to 500 a gallon — instead of everyone getting busy for the holidays — maybe people should get busy uncovering whats really going on –im just saying — an there you have it

thank you
pixie an dude


November 10, 2016


So pretty much we all got up this morning an were robbed — an the robbery is going to continue all day until we lay our heads down to go to sleep — ok so we have a new guy thats going to be our president — some of us are happy an some of us are not happy about this — some of us are worried — this is a time where we are all together in a mess and we all know it — the fact that any one is knowing that theres a mess is immense and also its some thing that as far as time and events go — this has never happened ever — so this is actually a first — an by the way there are other first things going on also that are catastrophic that none of you are aware of —  and this makes me nuts — ok now just look at this right here for a minute — before you can do anything say paint your house or make a sandwich tie your shoelace — you have to think about it first — correct — so then thought is always first — so there you are — there we all are — an there is no way around the fact that we are form everyone of us — lets forget for a minute how — but lets go to the fact that if we are form right now — then we were a thought first an lets jump right over that an go with — exactly whos thought were we — i think we can all agree that it wasnt my thought or yours — i didnt think up trees either — now you can go ahead an try to know all the shit that was put there for you to know an all the shit that a person with all the identical parts we were all born with somehow got a special part that you or i didnt get — that knows stuff you dont an have no way of knowing neither do they — by the way — tell you an me this is what happened an this is this an that is that — an this is what you can know cause they said and this is what you an me are suppose to do — because this page of that book says an this guy was suppose to tell us stuff an what to do because — he knows how an its ok  for that guy to do anything he wants cause we dont know any thing — let me just ask you this — is the guy knowing all this stuff that we dont know — is he the guy that has uncovered an found — the mountains of proof that prove by god all the stuff he says oh an dose  — an lets not forget for one minute that in the books and bibles an scriptures — that were found in caves and under rocks and where ever the proof says –they all came from — all ended up together so whoever managed to take scrolls an remnants an stuff etched on rocks — an was able to put in order on each  page  — oh lets not forget the eye witness and sightings that can be found in the books them selves as more proof of the things in the books that all that stuff for sure will show us that we should not even question any thing because we are to have faith and believe and have testimony that all of that stuff is  in there — an if we were to look for it in all these ancient stuff that was published by random house — that states in older bibles that the queen herself approved or not all the words in it — so that should help us in our belief of the words of the scriptures and for sure all the stuff god said in that time when he was speaking with the guys that he wanted to tell them who he was gonna cut off and who he was gonna allow and help get rich and  his promises and to make sure that there is proof of a bunch of stuff — he wants to make sure that these guys let us all know that he thinks we are all sinners — that he would just as soon do another flood but he wont — but hes gonna stop talking to us — an he will  get a son an send him an we can tell him an he will do the talking for us  —  i dont know about you guys but i get it i wouldnt talk to us either if some chick ate a apple off my tree —   thats just in  one book and alot more each section of the globe — you know all the marked an separated  areas like usa russia Iceland germany — you know where each marked off section has its own stuff thats not anything like any of the other sections — different language clothes — different ways of doing things — and arent we all glad because we all are kept up to date about all the stuff the other marked off areas are doing you know all the bad stuff they all have going on and all of us need to make sure we are all safe from each other — hell  if the rest of the world wasnt so fucked up i bet it would be easy to have a world dance or something or we could do maybe a world garden together — with a theme maybe — like our garden feeds the world — we could even give it a name like world garden of Eden — but since we are gonna not even notice we are been robbed — you know the stuff we all dont have because it was taken from  eons ago — an replaced with everything that is ours today — well ok we can forget the poison stuff that allows us a slow certain death that replaced what was water — im not sure how many today have ever tasted or experienced real water — it was wonderful — an it was alive and it tasted wonderful an when you drank it or bathed in it — it did stuff to you it would make your skin an hayr soft — an when you drank it your body would completely come more alive — but at some point they were successful in destroying the entire natural water filtering and renewing system of the entire globe — one of them or a team of them figured out — that they could control all life on the globe with what it needs to live on — the two biggest is air and water — and by quietly doing little things that no one would think much of or completely lie an do things — like destroying all walks of native life — natives know and have communication with the globe and all things of nature — then you would affect the air supply — im not positive but i think all the air needed by everything is supplied by a living organism — its called the rain forest — if im not mistaken i think oil and big pharma are almost completely finished destroying the rain forest — well killing it — you see all the things that are alive they are trying to kill — now you may have your own idea of things that may cause you to have mayor conflict with the things i try to tell you — if you do you are you are having a mayor internal battle being fought– that is very real because — they also know the best way to build an army is to create an army where the soliders fight them selves — how you train them is to make sure that everything they have and know is what you let them have — but you let them believe they are in control their lives and everything they are doing — you do not ever let them see that you have given them everything — you gave them thier choices — you gave them all the knowledge they have — you built their institutions — you provided thier rights and thier wrongs — you provided them with what to feel and even the correct way to deal with those feelings — you condition them very young to follow you in grain in them to obey and then you make sure that there is only one thing they know — they can count on — you let them know fear — thats how you  build an army — oh you make sure they see everything new to them is some form of evil and its coming from the devil –now if you were to look at your choices — what are your choices of for gods or devils — how about life is your choice death — oh i forgot  you dont get a choice — well ok how about where you live — you may have a problem when i tell you where i get my information — that my information is given to me from the creator of all creation who wanted to know why he needs  a name so i said ok dude — an i tried to explain he might do better if he had a name — because pretty much everyone has anything and everything that he deals with thier guy an hes got a name its god an he has a bunch of other stuff — ok they dropped the l out of gold so people dont know they are worshiping gold still — but you would think when they god on the most evil thing there is– money that people wouldnt connect any dots but i dont think they even question why the one god we all have is actually part of our money — as well as the pyramid the all seeing eye the phoenix that its the one dollar bill — that has two actually real seals on it — that are sealing some thing on or in each dollar that its the only bill that does not have a building on the back of it — and if you counted all the feathers thier is 13 all the bricks 13 and so on and you know that the phonix was burnt to ashes and came back to life from its own ashes — im not sure about the banner in its mouth — lusha just got here with dinner driving her car that someone stole her sticker off of — which really doesnt help her with the things she is trying to do to help dude an the rest of us — that are trying save what is real — an locate the truth that was stold – what it was made to look like — an about the robbery and what might be missing — lusha wants me to make sure that i write down what i said earlier today —  i said that magnificent could be right in front of you and you will never see it — and there you have it thanks lusha your doing really wonderful things

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November 8, 2016

I NEED TO ASK YOU GUYS SOMETHING — are you spam — I have been informed from other writers that the comments I had approved on my site are spam — they informed me that they know this because they get the same ones I was told to check the number of visitors against the number of comments — well I did and the comments were a much larger number than number of visitors — so I decided  to not put them out on my site — actually I dont think anyone should be to concerned about my site as no one really comes here — you know I am at a lose as to why there would be spam comments — what would be the point — if anyone knows why could you let me know what benefit spam comments bring — I am sad because I was happy my stuff helped someone — some how — you know those comments made me feel good and like a writer — it felt like you were my friends — if you did leave a comment I thank you — if you took the time to come here I thank you — if you have read something I wrote and it helped you in someway I am very glad — this is the strangest thing about me writing anything at all — I am educated as far as the second or third grade — I am a tomboy — I have never read at all an I have never read a book from start to finish — almost everything I do read I find that what the writers writing about is something the writer knows nothing about — its like ok im going to write about lawn mowers — and you read the whole book an its all about the hair removal or squirrels — when I start writing I have no idea what Im writing about an I never read what I write — I just think its real wierd that I write — oh you know what my mind is a criminal — when I look at anything my mind trying to hatch some sinister plan about it — and we are looking at a piece of pumpkin pie — I mean its ridiculous what I have had to deal with all my life — with my brian always trying to make everything a jail sentence — an all that stuff my brian wants to do — I actually have to deal with everything from start to the get away car — you may not think this is a very big deal — or that it can be dealt with easily — well if you had to wait while your mind did an entire plan on how to put your foot prints in the nieghbors newly poured patio or the complete plot with the hideout an everything get away car and how to fence the goods after we rob the avon lady — the sad thing about this is pretty much you are stuck with the brian you were born with — theres no trading it in for a new model — no up grades nothing — you cant walk in some where an ask for a blue brain because you hate the color yellow — I have had wonderful dreams where we were able to exchange our brains — you know where I could trade with a criminal whos brain did sunsets you know what I mean — I wonder how many people besides me that really dont like thier brain — Im thinking theres alot — I have been in alot of situations where I am at a total lose as to what to do because I didnt put us there my stupid brain put us there an it decided to go blank all of a sudden — well Im going to go for now — it looks like we are going to spend the day robbing parking meters — and there you have it —


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November 6, 2016

an there you have it — now lets see  — is everyone happy with how they want things to be — or how they think things should be — you all have your hands in there some where —  we have just about everything and everyone — so since we are all here — lets make sure that we got it all — ok lets start top to bottom maybe — well theres god and theres the devil saints and sinners — the innocent – well we have to go this way with that —  ok we are going to hold onto that for a minute — you know if you can see everything you kind of know its basically all the same damn thing — correct or do you think every thing is a bunch of different stuff — you would be kind of correct but not really — the thing is you can not have one with out the other good bad– the bad isnt bad by its self — by its self bad is not bad —  its something else — that becomes bad when some thing  shows up that is totally different than it — opposite — you can not have just one anything — dark light — day night — up down — opposites — which are each one side of a whole something — which is reflection  is the opposite again two sides — like something has to be there  to cast a shadow — but a shadow is nothing — oh theres alot more to this stuff but not right now — the shadow is part of whatever is making it  or else its not there — on a level we can not visulize everything is being where it is — because you have to have a not there to have a there — so is there a one —  yes  there is — idea — thought — its where you can have a thought by itself well no someone has to think a thought — so whats the one thing — its energy its all the same thing — it also has to be a part of everything or  nothing  isnt there — well an theres a difference there — nothing can be  part of energy — but energy has to be in everything — we can pretty much do a bunch of stuff to  everything but we can not do anything to eneregy — we are delusional if we think we control energy — you know there are people running around thinking that they made god and shit into words and bound them in the bible — nice try — firstly to do stuff like that you would need some kind of power to do stuff  — well what does power need to be anywhere —  it needs energy  — so if anyone thinks they are doing anything with their power — whats really going on is  —  is enrgy  giving power its power — so energy is holding its self prisoner — these guys think they know what life an death are — you see this is the problem every where — nothing is at all what you think it is  —  you think you know death because you think you know life — well i got news for all of you — ok the major requirement to die — would be you have to be alive in order to die — this is correct  right — well we didnt do alive yet — now try an wrap your head around that — while i ask — so exactly who are all the dead guys an how did all that happen —  the thing here is if your gonna put your hand into something — its only fair that everyone has a clear view of what everything is — so it goes like this — as far as what your suppose to know — the things your allowed to find and discover  and educate your selves with — well we have god 6 day 7 day stuff then flooding  and apples and adam then casting down to be a snake or are we the snake ok ill say it the devil — you got a bunch of comings an goings angels and casting out or down an now we have demons — oh an people running around going off the chain in every direction — then we get to where we all need to be saved and jesus does that an then everythings almost ok but we are saved but just for a minute — because we are all gonna die because of an apple — and not only that if we screw up any more we will be put in hell like forever — i guess kind of like jail here — an theres proof cause that guy isnt walking an talking — so we will bury  his body but his living soul we are going to save — so his soul can get to heaven an live with god an come back an be someone else —  is that the basically how it goes thats your story an your sticken to it — if it was me i think i would ask for my money back —  but i can totally see where if that is the only information to go on — an there are no options — then there you are — except shit can happen an does all the time — what if some new stuff showed up —  what if god decided to speak up — an he says hold on there — they got everyone believing that god guy is me — they got everyone believing their dying — where the hell is all the stuff thats suppose to be here for these guys — what is all this crap — ok this is going to take a minute to see if any of this is even salvageable — so this group here stold all the information from everyone an then buried them all  — but they kept some of the young ones who wont remember — so the group would have workers — because in the information they stold they found out a bunch of stuff they wouldnt let any workers know about — then they could be around forever and they would control with fear and conditioning and would only let the workers live so long — and so here we all are — well firstly no one knows me so i do not have a name — next there are the other people the group that have been doing this to you workers for eons — do you know about how long an eon is — enough time to set your group up sweet — so there will only be one way for you to know some new stuff — is for you to unknow everything you know — because part of what you know right now — is that you will not allow anything thats different from what you know now — i can tell you right now what everyone of you know — and you all know and believe in the same thing — you all know you are going to die someday — basically that is your foundation  — going to heaven seeing god final rest — all that your foundation is your faith but you have faith you will see god and you will go to heaven — it goes like this when i die im going to be in heaven with god —  ok now this is whats going on and why — ok i will be speaking for the creator of all creation who no one knows especially those of you who know god — im going to call the creator of all creation dude — since he has no name — for your information so you know dude has never said shit to anyone beside me an never will again — after this he will be speaking face to face — but until then i have been given the authority to speak for him — and also i am following instructions — so i dont waver — i am suppose to communicate certain things at certain moments — there are only two things i  know other than those two things i can know nothing — one is that i am beloved and the second thing i can know is everything is fine — but since im a girl an short an have no magic wand and cant levitate — and that i deal mostly with shit that isnt there  — i got to tell you with some of the stuff that comes in — even the fly by stuff — if you mix what comes in with whats happening out here its saying some big time shit — i can see it but i dont know what the stuff is out here — i guess its like thats not that without this — theres a very intense thing coming in and it says this — dude needs everybody to like duck right now cause everyone gets to make it — but not everyone is staying — because they choose something else — for warning — dude says he will do this with gravity — so you know — the good thing about all of this is — if you know your suppose to an if you dont know its because you cant — well i guess im done with this — but i have to tell you — im thinking — so what i dont see  a very big deal deal here — ok if i didnt get this — its ok dont panic –i cant fuck nothing up — an nothings doing nothing until everyone every single one is fine — an i know for sure to go in any direction — from right here nothing will get any futher without — every single one — if one is missing none will go — you know it doesnt matter what it is —  if we are all helping no would need help — this goes here — three people in a pyrimid circle with a pendgaluim in the middle  can change our physical change our compass points — ok  thats what im looking at kind of — and there you have it — please try an understand the importance of glitter —

thank you


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