th_FantasyWallpaper090107Letters are symbols, these symbols are Letters are symbols, these symbols are full of life — these living symbols were captured, they have been misused. They are the sons and daughters of the CREE-A-TOR they have been imprisoned. These symbols are letter images. The tower of babel marks that event. That’s when the war over letters occurred. People began to write anything and everything they wanted without understanding or caring of what they were doing.You have as a result the state things are currently in, all but hopeless. It was the beginning of confusion and loss of all truth and correct knowledge. It is not necessary to point out or to state what took place point for point.

You need only look around at the results. I think it best that Pixy give you the information you will need to bring things closer to being.I have a temper that would be best not messed with.How much time — how much death — how much greed — how much evil — how much of all this, do you need to realize all the knowledge you have is incorrect.The place on which you are standing is a garden I created and placed in heaven — I also provided [people] — to help with the garden — my sons and daughters were here to provide all the knowledge and instruction needed — my Sons and Daughters were given Life from me in their form letters to help and inform all those in the garden, so no confusion or chaos would occur until the work I was doing was complete. There are differences in everything. The major difference in all is that which I created — I gave life, — and that which is born is offspring and only exists. That which I created I gave life — all else to come will be given life according to design. Also, that which is created (original) has intelligence thoughts provided from the mind.That which is born offspring has knowledge thinks, provided from the brain. My sons and daughters are magic. magic is actually understanding.Without an understanding of something or anything. How would you hope to know IT !!! The prison made to hold my sons and daughters are called — the word of God. I will release them, in doing so. They will show you how it works, it was and is their job to form words from me. You know without them — you can not see or comprehend me. or anything of me The Cree-A-Tor. All belongs to me. this garden — that which was born has no authority. That which is born has no ownership. You take nothing with you, have you forgotten you brought nothing with you. I provided everything, FOR EVERYONE,SO YOU COULD BE SAFE, HAPPY, WARM.while you were going through your human evolution, I made sure you would have what would be necessary to sustain life in a human body. I started to become angry during my quickening. But you can relax while I am getting from point A to Point B until this has been completed. You were given existence and a brain –YOU HAVE NOT BEEN LIFE YET. The brain was given so you will be able to complete your evolution. once completed you can celebrate life — all life in the garden — to celebrate the completion of human evolution,– I want you all to understand everything — this you will be able to do, …. before I post this I would like to introduce you to my sons and daughters and let them know how much I love honor and respect them.their names are…ALEPH, BETH,GIMEL,DALETH,HE,VAU,ZAIN,CHETH,TETH,JOB,CAPH,LAME,AIN,PE,TAZ,KOPH,RESH,SCHIN, TAU, ….
Their story is not complete and will be known by all you and the universe.



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