There are just a couple of things I wanted you to ask yourself , it might help you work some things out . In the beginning, there was nothing but creative energy and void. According to your knowledge God had no form so my question is ? Exactly what image would you suppose if in fact, if humans were created in his image that image would have been ? There is a correct answer to this — the creative energy popped and crackled — it sparked it was thought — it was pure thought — from this all was created .We know nothing of the mind — this was purposely kept from you. So don’t be to hard on yourself — if we were created from the image of the creator,it would be thought . That is the image — we  were created from some part of the creator — in order to be brought into being — which is exactly correct — we would have been give the ability to think — this is also correct — he created evolution — and then gave evolution instruction — then — vibrated — till –he –had sound — which was a musical note — from this he was able to begin the first motion — which was spiral — he set evolution in motion — all has its very own evolution — but there is only one — evolution — evolution was instructed to form a vehicle to host the brain we were given — we can go into this later — the mind is vast — but it’s nothing until the host is completely evolved — the part we do not use is not extra parts — it has not been activated yet — once this is done you will know he who created you — the brain will then become the mind — that can hold a very tiny part of his — so in that way are we all are copied from an image — we will all have a part of the creator who created us — I understand a lot of things — not knowing is something  that we all struggle with — I wonder if you might at least give this a thought, …..well there you have it.

                                                                                                                 Thank You

                                                                                                                Pixie and Dude

Maybe Its not your faith in Dude Maybe its Dudes FAITH in you


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