There is no religious  mystic , spiritual document in this universe. that knows the true story of the creation the correct one that is ……. Or of the creator  —– Mankind’s time is an illusion .—- Time does not move ….. our time what men have made is a point in a frame — Mankind has developed a history — a story , our story —- Laws and commandments that were never given by our creator —- The worst thing being done is the neglect to wonder to question — Belief is a real thing, it really works and has an intellect — You believe in one thing and one thing only —- And what so ever you choose will be for you as you have believed —- I know that you are all positive that you are believing in a lot of things —- But in fact all of you really only have one belief that you do not question — and you have had this belief for eons —- and you all still believe in it today —- What is it that you all believe in so strongly ?
————————– YOU ALL BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE GOING TO DIE SOMEDAY —— PLEASE why dont you try believing in something else —- We are approaching an event that everyone on this globe will experience …. The complete evolution of the human beings —– The evolution of humans to higher vibration —– Which has been the goal from the beginning —- It is almost time to celebrate this major accomplishment —- Together we have done this great thing, that will be our beginning   …….. This beginning should take place with a world party … We will all be there with a greater capability to know and to understand …… All the stories, sci-fi  planetary systems …. prose poetry … fiction and nonfiction ….all comes from within us …. What is above below and about us is a map of what is within us . The intelligence’s here on this globe — The caretakers of this universe …… Are always present with us — Doing all that needs to be done, so there is no need to work — And in reality, we do not know what it takes to care for anything in this universe —- So please stop getting in the way and messing things up — A choice will not be given —- Due to the state humanity is in … After assessing the situation nothing less than a miracle has to occur — So the situation has become a rescue ….. but lets not anyone panic …..There is more to follow I hope you will enjoy it.—- There are things we are responsible for our actions and intentions — As this has become a rescue mission I am very glad, for Dude — He is real good at what we think are miracles and we could use a few — He is going to have to take another good look around at the state of things to make sure everything is fine. WE do not know how long that might take or what it will entail.
Thank You

Pixie and Dude                                                                               ALT= "Pyramid"



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