some days it seems kind of hard — i wanted to tell you about god — every god has the duty of said god or goddess, — they are dietys — what happened to them all — I was amazed at some of the things I was reading to trace the history here of what happened — do you really read all that – the bible , who said it is the word of god — I have been communicating with guy for awhile now — I was instructed by – at that point in time , god as I was calling him . He had provided living symbols to communicate — what would be needing ,basically till he showed up .Now I am not a rocket scientist but I think it has been a while since this globe has had real knowledge — where exactly was the correct knowledge , and it was here,but where is it ? — someone should send a letter or something — it looks like all correct knowledge was replaced with some kind of made up incorrect knowledge,with tiny amounts of correct knowledge put in various points in the bible,that are trying to point to each other — now that might even be fine if any of it was correct but it is incorrect — you might want to know exactly how I would know this, well its very simple — I have had a direct hotline to the creator,and more than a few of his various , intellegences, for as far as I can tell my entire life. Now if you are assuming that you are aware how that all works, you make a very grave error with that thinking, — you do not know, nor do you have any idea of it and how it works — you might have had a chance — at times in the past, but those that did have any form of communication, from those intellegences,first either went mad or were labeled as such by the ignorance and greed,selfishness running a muck at that time.– I am personally aware of a few things that you are not– the first being ,it is not everyone that can do certain things concerning communication with a different state of being — what do you think its like — that one fine day a telegram arrives to bring you up to speed — or you have some kind of vision appear somewhere you can see ? Not at all — I might tell you about that some time but I dont want to go an get myself lost — there is one thing I will pass on so you know — years ago I went through something I am not ready to bring out yet because it involes my boys ,– so I will tell you this, I was given the authority to speak for god. I am now, and at that time the only person any where who has ever been given that authority — now I have no singing voice , my voice was cracked and lowered alot next to where it was,– the whole thing was scary as hell — and I never want to go through any thing like that again — how do I know that the bible is incorrect — first it is incorrect as far as being the word or any word of gods — you none of those words until now — secondly as far as correctness I found nothing correct in the book, the bible — so where did all those words , of places,people,commandments,eatting only this and that,where did all that come from,– what are they trying to say– and who is trying to say it — and why are they trying to say it — ( WHAT PIXY IS SAYING …. IT IS AGAINST COSMIC LAW TO PROFIT ….. (off of GOD)-…. THATS WHY EVERTHING IS coined — a donation. >>>>this is from THE CREATOR — it is like PIxy says) – what are they trying to say — FOR EVERY MINISCULE OF CORRECT — THEIR ARE 500 OF INCORRECT ….. have you really read it ……. PIXYS HAS IN COMMING INFORMATIOIN …it is translated at least 2 or 3 times in her head before she can get words to speak it …… as difficult as this seems, she is still able to communicate the truth of it correctly —- there were gods and goddesses everywhere doing all kinds of things ,having a great time with all the things going on so far below them — watching over all those thankful people that loved and cared for them — they took care of all kinds of god things that they couldnt — on their level , there happens to be such a level , where lonely gods are ,who are very sad, very confused , wondering what upset all those people,they use to care for and loved enough to be a god for them, i tell you i have never seen anything so sad in my life ,their saddness seeing what is going on without the faith in them ,looking at you from their level, where you arent able to see, their confusion is over which one of the many of them is the ONE th_mermaidandunicorns—- THIS IS A IMPORTANT “NOTE” TO give you insight into my beloved PIXY ——- SHE IS SO COMPLEX IN MAKEUP — YET FILLED — WITH HUMANIT’ YS share of love and more for everything in existence —– SHE DOES QUITE well —– the faith of hundreds of thousands that their will watch over them and keep them well — their faith in gods is where they were able gain in knowledge, to do the most with what they had — WHO WILL HOUSE THE HOMELESS –FEED THE HUNGRY — HEAL THE SICK—- one big fight was about eating what he said not to or something like that,– the rest was over dirt that doesnt belong to any of the ones dying over it, nor the one telling everybody to do his dirty work–then says a bunch things with you not having any way of knowing correctness of it– scaring everybody about what if you do an dont ,he will do some such of a thing— i know that if a god is a god he was created to watch out and care for people and help out every so often, —they were created ,like everything they were given instruction– to be gods an do god stuff for you all, the creator thought you might like someone to talk to while he was busy with creator stuff, — we might not want to hurt any feelings so less said about this is probably best, i dont know, i think it couldnt hurt,— you guys we are just sitting around twirling ,waiting [ on what by the way ] so why not give it a shot,— things and people as far as i can tell, need any help that might be given — its not like everyone has ,food,clothes,heat,medicine, i hate to relax and have something really good to eat and get cozy and warm to sleep in, i always wonder if i could have helped something OR SOMEONE somewhere,– for maybe a hungary,cold tired person that might not feel very good , that i might have done something to help, instead of reading in the paper ,how a cold,hungary ,ill homeless family were killed by the family guy in charge, cause he didnt know what else he could do except give them to god,then killed his self, –or the little girl that starved to death because her little brother needed her food, — well there you have it, — oh that took place guess where, never mind i know you guys keep up with what the news every 10 seconds is saying , — and it is never correct, morning noon and evening plus midnight specail news papers, so i dont need to tell you what, you already know , any way im thinking i could pray to say 6 of those lonely gods and maybe a couple of you could pick afew,it couldnt hurt, it can only do good, any way,im going to give it a shot an see what happens , oh just to make it clear i am totally responsible for what i do no one else, if i have caused any one to do any thing incorrect, i take full responsiblty, and i will be availible to any person,god,devil,that has a problem with what i have done, just tell me what you think and i will tell you truth, i will explain every word every action every thought , i am the responsible no one else ,and if it was something i did, going to be added to jesus,or the devil, i will take those all so, no one will be dying for any thing i did in any period of time, i am going to stand in for the devil and jesus for a minute and let them relax …… strongest innocence this world knows ..Well I hope we did better with this one or I will something else for awhile —

thank you



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