Only spiral motion, — back and forth will not and does not work. — up and down does not work, it is and can only be spiral motion. Anything in motion is in spiral motion, — What if the ancients, did not go left to right, or top to bottom, you have to do what if — to everything. What if there is only one day ??? What if the ADAM in the BIBLE is actually ATOM ATOM ATOM ATOM ???? If you are doing the correct things or not — everything you do — depending on why, can be correct — if you are doing something incorrect — but your doing it for the correct reason — that reason alone — will make it correct — then the things you are trying to do are taken care of — before you even get there. If you are telling a correct story — the story that you are telling — takes a life of its own — and becomes before you speak it —- I know what Im trying to say — I dont know exactly how you are getting it —- You can look to the past in order to bring the present to light — but that view is all you can apply — to the present — to have the past do some thing else — you must start over with a new view — what ever direction you need to go in — the same thing will be something totally different — with each new view — Applying a lot of other views — to one thing will produce a mess, and you will not know what you are looking at — lets look at the pyramids — they were built? to hold one guy that died and all his stuff because — why — he was what coming back or he had this terriffic ego — the secret of all the pyramids is — they were built up side down — it is veil — it was done this way on purpose — because they are our heritage — for our time — if you were to realize this you could understand so much more — maybe you could do a what if — what if some people back in that time — knew about alot of things that were going to happen — in the future — and they could do nothing to prevent it — because they knew they would be wiped out — they knew that all they did and said and stood for — would be destroyed and replaced — delibratly with other things — well maybe they would build something that would stand through that time — something that we would have — now still after all that time and destruction — how could they protect our heritage and what they wanted us to know — lets play thier part for a minute — ok I will be the pharoh guy — we’ll make it a grave for me since Im all that and we will say I am taking all my stuff with me — and lets build it upside down — with a bunch of secret stuff — we will even let them find some stuff — gold maybe a coffin or two — well Paul I think it might work — but lets ask Steve to do some tunnel stuff — we may be able to get this information to kids after all — OKAY IT MIGHT NOT HAVE GONE EXACTLY LIKE THAT BUT WHAT IF IT DID KIND OF — so depending on what your doing — and why your doing it — you will get different things from the same thing — some you can see through, and some that have to be lifted entirely — You have both as an example so you can see how either would look. Also depending on your paticular view. These are very doable things, that might help clear a few things up that maybe in question. There are a couple of things I need to communicate to you that havent been yet,they are called safetys. What they are is a contract that I made with god — at that point in time. I was not sure what was going on at that point, so I communicated that if this was what I understood to be real between him and I, that just in case I was allowed certain things. So we made safetys, since I was’nt sure about a thing — that I was expericening — so I put down as many things I could think of that would keep people covered and safe — in case I was being tricked by someone or some thing other than GOD — how the hell was I to know — and that was very nessecary as I have had alot of want to be’s — enter in my life , in order to steal or cheat or lie thier way — to gain information or power — that does not belong to them — I always have to deal with these guys — but the result will always be the same — they see that I am different — they watch and listen — the last one said to me — you think your cool and you can do some stuff — well its like I have said before — it is not me — it is not my stuff — everything I know and everything I have is not my stuff — it is GODS — and I protect it and keep it safe — its my job — and I am very good at what I do — thats why its my job I suppose — I have said before it does not matter — I can not screw shit up — it is not even a possiblity — and yes I am a very bad bitch but look at all the bullshit and assholes I have to deal with — I have to be able to with stand alot and I do — and if need be I will again and again — until this all gets done — but by GOD it will be done correctly or it wont get done — THATS BECAUSE IT WONT HAPPEN WITHOUT ME — YOU HAVE TO GO THROUGH ME — HERE IS A NOTE FOR THE NEXT WANNA BE — I HAVE BEEN HAD BY THE BEST AND THEY HAVE FAILED — I HAVE BEEN THROUGH MORE THAN YOU CAN EVEN THINK — I HAVE BEEN MADE TO LOOK RIDICULOUS AND MENTAL — I HAVE FACED THE DAMN DEVIL AN I WON THAT ONE ALSO — SO BRING IT ON — I WILL GIVE YOU YOUR 15 MINUTES — I WILL LET YOU SEE WHAT YOU CAME TO SEE — I WILL EVEN LET YOU FEEL IT BUT UNLESS YOU ARE GOD THE CREATOR OF ALL CREATION — YOU WILL LEAVE WITH YOUR TAIL TUCKED BETWEEN YOUR LEGS — AND WHEN THE SMOKE CLEARS WE WILL SEE — WHO IS STILL STANDING — YOU MAY BE PLAYING WHAT EVER GAME YOUR PLAYING — BUT I DONT PLAY GAMES — AND IF I WERE YOU WOULD NOT EVEN BE CLOSE TO MY LEAGUE — BACK OFFth_FantasyArt091201 AND STOP CALLING YOUR TIME IS UP — YOUR TURN IS OVER — so any way — Im not sure that I got all of the safteys down here but it doesnt matter — GOD WOULD let me know I would not have to worry and That everything would be fine — He let me know that I would go through somethings but that it would be fine — so that is that I always have this communication going on inside it never stops — its just a part of me — I know now it is GOD that I deal with but I had to be sure —- I wanted us to be safe so I called them safetys. SAFETYS —————- This is what I did —— 1. If everyone is wrong and I am right [ we have made those incorrect and correct ] then I get everyone everyone. Also we will all be carried and protected in plam of gods hand. 2. not one will be left or left out. for just one, none will go to hell or what have you. there will be not one hungry — there will be not one that is hurt —- there will not be one that is cold —- there will be not one sad —- there will be not one that is confused — there will be not one. 3. Every thing has to be very easy and fun or it is not it. I mean simple enough for your average turnup to get it. to know and to understand anything and everything has to be that way. Because everyone is not a rocket frigen scientist. 4. I am responsible for everything that I have ever done. Anything I have ever said. Everything I have ever thought. I alone will stand accountable for everything I have ever done. I will anwser myself to anyone or anything, that might result because of any of my doings. 5. Just in case no one else has them or they need someone to help any at all, I have the devil,satin what have you, I have jesus christ, I have god, and any others that do not fit else where. I love them and I understand them and they will be as all the rest with us, and protected in the plam of gods hand. This is done , because all knowledge of them ever ever or now, could be incorrect, also the understanding of any or all of them. in a greater or lesser degree. This is basically simple, all I want to do is help. thats pretty basic. I look around and it seemed alot of help was needed — so much saddness — things in the world seem to be such a mess that it could not be fixed by any common force. —- no one seemed to have the knowledge — or the understanding needed to do fix a damn thing that is the matter. Everything seemed to have to do with or depend on circumstances. —- Seaching for anything that made any kind of sense, — I could not find anything anywhere in any direction —- so I had to find god or any one that knew anything. —-well I had god. — so I offered my help if he needed it. because if he is such which in fact he is, — then there has to be a problem. and if not what the hell is going on???? I told him I loved him, I told him that I would try to understand but he had to give me a bunch of breaks, and I would do the same for him. — in doing so it is like a god thought. — it is sad and it is very lonely. So I say lets get happy!!!!!!!! There you have it So god is my friend and has become THE CREE-A-TOR and I am his. Things at times can get kind of confusing, but we have alot of fun. — He is very funny — He really has made me very mad at times but I get over those —- Ya gotta love him !!!! Ya gotta try to see that he is and he does. —— DONT YA !!!!!! I mean how do you think you would feel if every terrible thing ever was put onto you —- and what if you were the only one that knew that ????? What if you were the devil and every terrible thing was put onto you —- how would you feel if that knowledge was incorrect and no one knew that but you ????? What if you were jesus christ and all that stuff, that you all put him, is actually more than he can bare —- what if that was you and it was incorrect what every one knew about you and you were the only one that knew that ????? So just in case we got these guys also. With CREE-A-TOR thought the brain becomes the mind. The mind posses intellect with understanding, which becomes wise,which has now actual wisdom that is capable of thought which can perform reason, Which is the begining of any creation. And so on and so forth —- This is correct. Ok I am going to take a break — I am going to send this out without any body seeing it so I hope its fine —-


                     SHERYL AND GOD

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