I have been having a few problems — no big deal actually but alot of going through stuff and now alot of clean up — not much fixing to do but some — so I was instructed by GOD to let you know that everything is fine and so am I — the guyth_Unicorns_05 is on his own now — so you can do with that what you will — MY name is Sheryl I work for GOD — I have all my life, I go through things sometimes — and I am sorry but you have just gone through some of it with me — sometimes people think they can do things by cheating and lying — where GOD an things of magic and power are concerned but that is incorrect — I really dont know a thing — everything I know comes from GOD its all his stuff — I follow instruction — from GOD and nothing more — that is where GOD stuff is concerned — anything else is just that — anything else — we dont want to panic here we are fine — I just have to take a minute to regroup — I have a kind of a haze that I have to wait until it clears — I also have to deal with a couple of life things like — fixing things that were done to me —someone trying to get credit cards in my name — and using my bank card — moving someone belongings — which are pretty heavy thank GOD for my dolly which I beleive is gone and no longer mine — good heavens I have had to move that stuff back and forth all weekend and it isnt even my stuff — I am very tired and very sore — thats ok — at least no one is yelling at me — an no one is telling me Im stupid — and no one is going over every word I am writing — I can actually be still for a minute if I want — so this is wonderful — I am not even in any kind of panic — I am going to have to go to all the places in cyberspace here and change the picture and fix everything that was written — also try to make sure that I am safe out here — and no one can change the things that I do in cyberspace — as when I am ready GOD has things for me to do — I have seen some of them — but right now I dont have a clue to any of it — so this means that for the moment I am through as I can go no futher — until I deal with this guy and all that entails — its fine I will be back and things will be easier than at present —



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