th_pegasus1Stephenie — I know a couple of things right now —I might not have it when we get here — so maybe you can help me put it together — OK I know that —  remember I told you about when I saw the everything — well I did it again only much faster — I didnt know I could do that — it was pretty cool — any way it had to do with Einstein and quantum stuff — and strings — this is what I need you to know right now — I have it but its back in pieces — now the good thing is I saw it total just minutes ago — this is a big deal —because we can really know some things — any way — I found out that it was because I was looking at a picture — and I could have typed out some stuff about what I was seeing about the picture —  not very much  cause real correct stuff is very simple — simple enough for an average turnup to get — or it is not it — or correct — at that moment — what would      have taken eons to accomplish — and impossible amounts of data — I could have stated with typing maybe 9 words — with the correct words in the correct place at the correct moment — to be entered into  at some where and sometime — and at this moment I know to tell you that this goes with your one about Internet stuff you got back there — got that good — be sure to mark it some how because you will have to get us back to where ever we are when your reading this — oh this is a different one  now — when we are on one you cant spin us into left field — thats important — cause when you do that we lose those and  — those dont come back — and they could be keys to things — ok I hope your with me so far — I have to be able to stuff when stuff does what it does — I need to be able to push a button on my ship and write it — if I have to stop and do any thing else I lose it — as a whole — then I only get the pieces that dont make sense — so that should help us do what ever it is we are trying to do — I dont know but I am pretty sure we will get farther faster or at all — oh the word was — shit — I lost the damn word — I hate it when that happens — oh I cant know like other people — I cant do an appointment — I cant use a pen and paper I need to be able to just get it out fast for a second — if I can do that then I will be able to learn what Im knowing — good lord did we get this one — I hope we get some of this — cause its got lots in it for your stuff and my stuff and alot of other peoples stuff — oh about quanmtum stuff the most important thing is spiral — but not how any one would think — I can see it but I cant get any words so thats that stuff when it comes — its not alot to communicate — the important part of those things is that its a steady stream there can be no pause period — not for lunch not for questions not for coffee — you have to know everything is connected together as one whole — you have to know everything is connected together as everything is touching something — everything is touching something so you have to think in terms of there is nothing that isnt touched in some way by some thing always ever — all levels — call them levels — spiral makes levels — then think in terms of say emotion on a different level then you think in terms different level of spiral of existance — now thats some of the stuff thats not mine and I dont know where it goes but it looked pretty cool to me — did you get that — actually to me that was like disneyland — I love it when it does that — oh you cant take us spinning on $ home car — any of that — those are to much of a leap and we fall in the middle and never get out — so far its not a problem — well its never really a problem — cause we cant fuck shit up even if we wanted to — but I know that I saw it being fine — its on own — so right now I know its all fine as long as we do this — then that will do that — so lets not do that again ok — cause I only have one more of those times left that I will do with anyone– then I am out — how that was a thing I bet — what ever that was I couldnt see it — so I hope you got it cause it was yours — the thing is I feel like Im having a earthquake mayor inside intense for a second — which tells me that it was a direct communication from god — theres only one thing that feels and stuff — its a god one so there you have it — I feel like I went on a trip — any way I used to have a button on my mouse that would say tag — and I would and then I could just write or type what was there — I mean how stupid I feel right now — oh I keep forgetting the paper — I am like totally suspended right now — now that was a so very correct word — see now I know if everyone was using the correct word in the correct place at the correct moment — oh my god doesnt any body but me and almost you —  know what that could effect — that was a perfect word thing — we could help if any one needs it — they just have to know this at the same time — they just need to know what they are doing or thinking — if you could all say no one owes you anything there would be no more debt — if we could come together as the mass we would have power to do the things that needed to be done — we have to stop the separations of us as the mass — I will get back to you on this — we are beginning to go through a shift — it hasnt started yet but its getting close — we need to get prepared — it will be something like the alignment of the universe — it has to do with completion — be sure to ask me about this when we get back to work — I have to try and replace this letter with the previous one — I was having a real bad night brought on by the shift thats coming in —

thanks see ya on the flip       

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