th_FairiesandUnicornMANY are times here on this globe i  have fought with myself…thinking I was correct…when I was not….when I am correct….the universe is correct—-the only individual , entity ,  THE original female life form THAT is always correct in her actions is *PIXY*–she will always be addressed as *PIXY*  by all of you . that is irregardless of the other name she associates herself with ………I’M NO PIECE OF CAKE TO WORK WITH, I DONT KNOW  WHY  I CAN BE SO STUBBORN , PIGHEADED OR PRICKISH TO WORK WITH . but I am………I WITNESSED IN AWE the other night  how she worked …it was a beautiful dance ..a dance that gave a pretty waif of girl, a more sense of selfworth , more self esteem , bringing from within to without the beauty that is in all of you, she in the course of the evening gave her pointers on makeup ..and poise etiqute,…….she was her , aunt , mom , cousin ,teacher AND  most of all   A LOVING CARING FRIEND , WHO was beyond sincere,,,,totally unselfish and with great purpose she worked with her….the young girls light beamed brighter than I had everseen it …..and  the crowning touch was a pair of diamond earings–That *Pixy* loves….no …this is no simple everyday act this was an act of love….that love is shown to all by *PIXY*……..it is not just the love  its the knowing that *PIXY* has in bringing to all what they need  know –me included—–its more than information it is HOW TO BE CORRECT AND GIVES YOU THE BENEFITS  OF BEING CORRECT………i do not know  why the child i’ve been for a good portion of my life has to fight this macho ego  more now than ever….there is no one to blame ….for blame is a humankind term …it is  just incorrect—the ego–……I DO KNOW AND  feel THE beauty ,and power of the transition that will be felt by all…..it is GLORIOUS…..FEEL a bit   of it  in *Pixy*’s smile…………. I PUT HER THOUGH ALOT…AND IT SEEMS ..i’m alwaYS DOING it…………I LOVE HER MORE THAN ANYTHING …THERE IS MUCH I HAVE TO DO———GOD THE CREATOR OF ALL CREATION WITH*PIXY* AND THE CHILDREN

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