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Labels give you more control over who has access to your saved pages. For example, you can save a page and set the access to \”family.\”

“; snrg_trans[‘bubbles_labels’] += “

The labels are named \”friends\” and \”family\” by default but feel free to rename them whatever you like. To rename a label, just go to Contacts, and view by \”family\” or \”friends.\”

“; snrg_trans[‘bubbles_close’] = “Close this message.”; snrg_trans[‘bubbles_remove_pre’] = “Are you sure you want to”; snrg_trans[‘bubbles_remove_mid’] = “remove”; snrg_trans[‘bubbles_remove_post’] = “as a contact?”; snrg_trans[‘cancel’] = “Cancel”; snrg_trans[‘submit’] = “Submit”; snrg_trans[‘remove’] = “Remove”; snrg_trans[‘rename’] = “Rename”; snrg_trans[‘select’] = “Select All”; snrg_trans[‘deselect’] = “Deselect All”; snrg_trans[‘wait’] = “Please wait…”; snrg_trans[‘error_reload’] = “There has been an error. Please reload the page and try again.”; snrg_trans[‘see_info’] = “See more info”; snrg_trans[‘hide_info’] = “Hide more info”; snrg_trans[‘saving’] = “Saving…”; snrg_trans[‘error’] = “An Error has occured.”; snrg_trans[‘tag_findbox’] = “Type Tag here”; snrg_trans[‘chg_contact’] = “Change Contact”; snrg_trans[‘add_contact’] = “Add as a Contact”; snrg_trans[‘view_person’] = “View Person”; snrg_trans[‘your_contact’] = “This is one of your”; snrg_trans[‘not_contact’] = “This is not a contact”; snrg_trans[‘contacts’] = “contacts”; snrg_trans[‘select_one’] = “Please select at least one item.”; //snrg_trans[‘select_one’] = “Please select at least

one contact label”;

One or more of the email addresses you used is invalid, please check and try again.

Know someone who’d think your pages are interesting, fun or helpful? Invite them to connect to you!

var AC_targetElements = [ “rmail” ]; var AC_insertEmailsOnly = true; var AC_ignoreLists = true;


Please enter an email address

Separate email addresses with commas

From: pixyancreator@gmail.com
Subject: Pixy C wants to add you as a contact on My Web

Please enter a message


You can browse web pages that I’ve saved and tagged, plus explore what the world is tagging, too!

You can check out my pages and tags here:


See you on My Web 2.0!

p.s. This invitation will expire in 30 days.

You can also add a label to this person. Labeling lets you share your links with a select group of contacts — like friends or family.


Please enter the text shown below. This helps Yahoo! prevent automated emails.

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if(window.yzq_p==null)document.write(“”); if(window.yzq_p)yzq_p(‘P=5lDr2UJe5SBMb6kcSRkeTwODS1S2ikkbVh4AAVyE&T=13skascaa%2fX%3d1226528286%2fE%3d97340203%2fR%3dyahoosrch%2fK%3d5%2fV%3d1.1%2fW%3dJ%2fY%3dYAHOO%2fF%3d46892036%2fS%3d1%2fJ%3d4CE55E42’); if(window.yzq_s)yzq_s(); url=[object Object]]

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