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[/url]so much written about God heaven and hell — there are so many experts. So many are doing just as instructed — so many are so strong in faiths of every kind — so much care is taken to follow the word of God and his commandments. So many give thanks — so many give reverence,so many pray to him — we know he made heaven,hell,earth,the entire universe.Everyone who has faith in his word are at ease with the knowledge they are taught — ALL THERE IS TO KNOW — we are not lacking In any books,stories…sermons ARE TELLING ME WHAT I SHOULD BE DOING ABOUT ONE THING OR ANOTHER — isnt that true — I just have one question — WHAT IF THE CREATOR OF ALL CREATION WAS HERE WITH US RIGHT NOW — WHAT IF HE HAD HIS OWN WORDS HIS OWN STORY TO TELL??????? EXACTLY WHO WOULD HE TELL IT TO ????? IF HIS STORY DID NOT COME CLOSE TO WHAT YOU KNOW — IF HE DID NOT FIT YOUR IMAGE OF HIM — IF HE DID NOT FIT INTO YOUR PLAN OF HEAVEN AND HELL — IF HE KNEW NOTHING THAT YOU ARE SO SURE OF — IF HE WERE TO TELL YOU THAT YOU HAVE BEEN MISINFORMED — IF HE WERE TO TELL YOU ALL THE KNOWLEDGE YOU HAVE IS ACTUALLY INCORRECT — IF HE HAD SOMETHING TRUE , SOMETHING THAT MADE SENSE,SOMETHING THAT ONLY HE COULD GIVE TO YOU FREELY — first,…would you listen to him…..without having to witness plagues…see the sky open up, feel the earth move ….. would you listen? or is hollywood digital effects the only thing that would grab your attention?……..if thats it ..you will not be interested in what PIXY and I have to say…if you are interested in a thought unknown to all OF you — then you can keep up to date here at — WORDPRESS WHERE THE WORD IS — Thanks PIXY AND THE CREE-A-TOR THE DUDE WORD!!!!!!!!

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