THEN YOU SHOW ME A BETTER STORY THAN — AND THEY ALL DIED — I AM VERY SORRY BUT I AM NOT FALLING FOR THAT BULLSHIT — I MEAN REALLY COME ON PEOPLE — TRY SAYING IT OUT LOUD OF SOME THING — THIS IS WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN OFFERED AND YOUR JUST GOING TO ACCEPT IT — FORGET THE FACT THAT IT SUCKS — BUT CHECK IY OUT — AND THEY ALL DIED — AND THEY PAID FOR THE HONOR — WE WANT TO WATCH OUR WORDS — AND I AM PRETTY SURE IF DEATH IS A REAL WORD —THEN DEATH BY THE WAY IS SOME THING FINAL — GET REAL HOW EXACTLY DO YOU THINK YOUR GONNA GET TO HEAVEN ANY WAY — YOU CANT CAUSE YOUR DEAD — NOW THATS PRETTY FINALE — SO WHAT YOU ARE JUST GONNA DO THAT CAUSE WHY — HOW LONG ARE YOU GONNA FALL FOR THAT AND TEACH IT TO YOUR KIDS — THINK ABOUT IT — WE are going to have a universal party — to celebrate our beginning of —OUR HUMAN EVOLUTION — TO THE COMPLETION OF OUR FAMILY OF BEINGS that are humans— hosting THE TINY part of the mind of our CREE-A-TOR — You might like this — even if there can only be 1 one god — which is incorrect, there were several that were created — And everyone will be able to create — WE will all have the ability to create !!!!! THE DUDE and I have some good news — We who have been going through — EVALUTION were never intended to labor in any way — we were totally provided for .—Fruit grows on trees for gods sake — you now use ten percent of your brain — when this EVALUTION is complete you will be using 100 percent of your mind— THE PART OF THE DUDE WHICH IS ALSO CALLED LIFE —now I am not a rocket scientist but — look at what you can do with 10 percent of only your brain — now add to that the mind of the creator — all working together at 100 percent — it boggles the mind —our bodies are capable of anything and everything —- THE MIND can produce medicine IN OUR BODIES — WE can heal OUR selves — WE can grow new limbs –our bodies are amazing miracles — they are also self contained units — we have extra parts that no one has a clue what THIER DOING THERE — since our bodies are capable of all these things — WHY cant WE do any of them ??? — well its because our bodies are idiots — they are just bodies — now when we are complete — our mind will communicate with the brain — the brain will communicate with the body –that is w- — the son [ brain ] –the holy ghost [ body — host ] — some thing like that — I was trying to use your father,son,holy ghost thing so you can see alittle better how it really goes — I will get it more exact as it comes — so it will make perfect sense to you — I still have this translation thing going on — Well I am going to post this so you can start thinking about a couple of things and we will get back to it later –I hope this does what it should which is correct. —- Thanks PIXY AND THE DUDE Correct definition of heaven is walking and talking with GOD — What if the human race had their own story of god — and what if the entire race was incorrect because way back in the times of lets say the romans and– correct information was replaced with incorrect information?? How do you suppose the true and real and correct Creator might go about informing folks — that He has a much better correct story [ real ] of his own??? — oh and just so you know as far as holy wars go you have to stop — let me show you ISRAEL — [ IS REAL ] you have to stop –the promised land is under your feet — if you dont know this then let me ask you this –where would you think it might be — THE MOON — for me to try to inform you that you are incorrect and heaven is here as well as GOD THE CREATOR of all creation THE DUDE — I tell you its been a chore — mostly because everyone is positive that the knowledge they have and are experts of said knowledge — The way it is and there is no way any of you are wrong — you are not wrong — you happen to be incorrect — the problem is all knowledge is actually correct — but you have no understanding of any of that knowledge — It is actually very simple to deal with but wading through all the bullshit of each and every single person is ridiculous — shit — its not my fault its not his doing — all we are trying to do is help for gods sake — well its kind of late — so I will just ask this and hope like hell it all goes better than last time — if you are being offered that which is of heaven and THE CREATOR THE DUDE — that which is your real,true inheritance — which has been kept from you — why would you not even check it out — let alone the fact it will cost you nothing — it wont hurt you — you can take it or leave it — pretty much — all things wonderful — with every one included — from no time to this time – ever — anyway — shit IS what shit IS — it would be much better to get to the bottom of it — with just alittle help — THANK YOU O-PIXY nd the dude[ CREATOR ]

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