WITH CORRECT UNDERSTANDING YOU CAN CORRECT THE Knowledge YOU HAVE — You will see how it works — now I know the correct understandings — I know the correct knowledge — I do not how ever have a frigen clue what goes where or with what — I AM GOING TO TRY TO WORK THIS ALL OUT HERE — I know how it looks when it is together correctly — I am GOING TO TRY to say something here that really has no words — or I am not sure of the correct words — If this gets to much like babbling then I wont be able to do it — so I am telling you here from the get — that at first this probably will seem different and it is but WE WILL give it a minute and try to understand in different ways — some of this goes to harry and some of it goes to linda — some of it goes peter and paul — its like that if I could pinpoint who and why this would be great but all i can do is say stuff here and there an hope you pick it up — I do know that every thing is like a hair off of where its suppose to be but thats just enough to make it incorrect — ok — evalution — who ever did that was kind of correct but didnt go far enough — in either direction — I am not sure of what is said about how it all got started with the evalution thing you guys have going but I will tell you how that actually goes —- its a crackle crackle sparkle sparkle — energy pure thought energy — mind — kind of — its who you guys know as god basically — before there was any thing there was the thought of it — right about here is where henry should jump in and apply this to what he has going — and correct this part or tweek on it I am pretty sure that some one needs to know how this actually goes — now this pure thought energy is the dude so what would the words be for that — you have to also know right here there is no thing yet — it has not been thought of yet — its enough to say ok and go farther here — having proof of some thing only proves your lookin at it i think —- so what screw it if its there ior not hell lets see what it can do — any way back to the dude — what if you could think stuff and thats all — well so far as i have picked up is thats why about every thing — and so it goes i want to do more than think this so lets do some other stuff —- here you go now to do that you need that and that does that and so on — so where do you get some thing from no thing — well you would begin vibirating what else are you gonna do — you vibirate faster all of a sudden you have sound or noise —- well like that — now you know you got some thing you didnt have an so on — any way back to evalution — thats why it would be no different than us making some thing to to some thing we cant — well thats what evalution is —- some thing that was created to get stuff tearing down and building up — i told you before that we came from no thing — what do you think like poof — i dont think so — every thing evolved of its self — from in to out — trees of trees — monkeys of monkeys — fish of fish —- humans of humans — and i dont know where you find this but there was only one any thing first and the original one things were male which had nothing to do with any thing swinging it had to do mind — basically its all about what you think or how you think any way — the male was created — the female was born — taken from is to be born — — so you have pure thought energy — so exactly what kind of fun is that to have thought and nothing to go with it — so because of this we know that every thing in existence will be thought first — I dont care what it is — because before there was any thing there was no thing — void — what I am going to give you now are things that I have been given and have put in the best words i could — you know if you see it different thats fine as long as you see it —- I know this stuff goes somewhere — And THESE THINGS are capable of doing some thing good — so here we go —— Oh I dont know if I told you that you have to unknow everything that you think you know ACTUALLY TO DO THIS — in order to be able to assemble the things I communicate to you , correctly. — things go from in to out this is a big deal — never take from the out and try to put it in — any thing — and once something has been buried under the soil, it must remain there ,– do not dig things up ,– this is a really not good thing — and be it gold,diamonds,dinosaurs bones, treasure , people , anything do not dig it up . — if you accidently do , leave it as close to where it was and leave it, not only that it should all go back — there is a good reason for this but I dont know what that is at this point in time — but I know to say that right now. — there has always been some thing tio do with degrees i use to get time tempature and degrees all together — i have never known a thing about any of them i just know i see them alot — at times i might say its a degree thing thats what I mean — ok there is a couple of simple things — one is , if it works thats good enough, you dont need to pick it apart, leave it alone. — you know so what about it if it works — i tell you what i was so excited the other day — there i was with a complete veiw to the secrets of the universe — i tried telling any body — nobody cared man i could see so much stuff and it all went perfect i knew why this and that about that — it sucked nobody would listen — oh well — i hope it got on the loop — i have a loop an if some thing is going to fast or if i miss it —- it comes back around through the loop — that way I cant lose any of it , I know if something is some where cause i ve seen it before —oh before i forget i found out the other day that the dude created this globe around his breathing and stuff — well this is whats the matter — i always thought we did some thing the matter — whats taking so long and where is this guy and why does he need help — well i am going to say hibernating but thats not exactly what the dude is doing — i know i dont have it correct but its like the dude got here and could nt breath the air — i dont know its like that — now this one has never been here before so i will have to work on it some more — but i got excited with the other stuff that came with that — but until it comes back, I cant know a thing about it. — oh if you thought i was wrong — is there any reason thinking that i am correct for a minute — i mean you dont even have to mean it — by the way your not stuck with what your thinking —- you can think some thing else — Also the prayers [ the signal actually ] have some big time stuff in them — so if I say this goes in signal stuff thats what that means. — So shadow-shade. these both have to do with degree and signal. — how come under shadow in 23 psalms. — shine on crazy diamond — has something we should known — find out what was hidden in it — we might need whatever that is — this has something to do with sound, –something is brought through the low or deeper sounds, –the letters are in the sax . — you have to do what your mind tells you — when it tells you to do it — also make sure you are up —awakened — there is a correct ,-like secrect formula — which is, —whatever your going to do, do it for someone else, — any thing you do for yourself, —will not work out at all — in to out, — inside goes out — from in to out — the chicken is first because it was inside now it is out — Moose lodge ??? — we dont know why — but check for a seperation of religion ??? check here for organization of societys — secrect societys included — logos=reason, thought does everything, –think does nothing, — one acts one does not , —eonia,standlifetime,endless,morning,age,always,cycle,eternity,areolic,dawn,appellation,unchanging,everlasting,p perpetual, timeless,— check [ prayers ] the signal for symbols– when you know how to lay one and it matches another, –or it is another — sometimes Im getting the words incorrect here — Oh ! how old are these prayers — also is what we posses as far as communication , — been taken from some kind of original seed– root — concealed wisdom — check evolution stages ??? its mentioned every where !!! Its a mind thing — gods had to be created — who is there that can create the creator — the more of their stuff we show,is incorrect, — the more correct everything becomes — another state of being — its about moving in time — not time moving.— you only know when you need to know, — not before — why do you need to know something you know nothing about yet .— there is a key here — correct words are the most important thing to do — nothing else matters without , the correct words — let me say this here — if nonme of this means anything to you , then leave it alone , it probably has nothing to do with you, also I always have looked at these as parts of a jigsaw puzzle, that several people were working on ,– ok —here we go again — mind — correct words — you have to not back up,– back to where you werte, — the more times you do the signal, the stronger things are in becoming — innocennce produces strength, — in doing something for someone else, it is already done and becomes perfected. — the chicken was first and was given instruction to lay the egg. –the tree was created first with instruction to produce the seed. — man was created first with instruction to give birth. — evolution was created first with instruction [ atom ] to produce matter. — vibration was created first with instruction to produce sound. — How do you get something from what is only one itself — you move , —you wiggle. —[ vibrate ] . — the void is so because it is empty — it is not dark — its empty — you take from you which is in and place it in the empty place. — the void — . —- you would represent a point [ . ] in void — you would be all in, —- with no out , — which would begin placing things in the empty place [ void ] , thats where you would begin. — WE WITH OUR WILLS , BY OUR WILLS , WILL THIS BINDING CONTRACT. [ . . . ] . —–If they can be who ever they wanted to be, however they wanted to be it. —- Why is every one being how they are being. ?? and how is any one be being that …??? Of course we are all humans. —BUT SOME OF US ARE USING 1 AND ALL OUR MINDS —- WHY ARE WE HERE. WE ARE HERE TO PROVIDE AN HONEST CHOICE . ——– If bells are on all the churchs in the past —- was that for a very important reason,for all of them to be doing it ??? at that point in time ??? Does it tell us that the churchs knew something of a bunch of secrect stuff, like sound,vibrations. If in the past they were destroying the information they found —– where did they get the stuff they say they know ??? It makes no sense that they were destroying to get knowledge and so they destroyed all the knowledge they encountered. Well Im gonna break and send this out . some times i am sure i have totally lost my rabbit ass mind but i know better — whoa what if all you did need was to take a pill — i think i was talking to the dude — stop ok on the flip — thank you PIXY AN THE DUDE AN M PANAMA url=[object Object]]

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