thank you

DAMN is right i can not even think of words to descibe how greatful i am to know you and to have you in my life seriously i have never had anyone make me feel as important and loved as you do never in my life has anyone ever gave me the great feeling you have always given me you believe in me and no one has ever believed in me in my whole life and its incredible thank you so much seriously thank you for all you do for all you have ever done for thank you for showing me love thank you for making me feel speical important most of all thank you for believing in me, you will always and forever be my real friend more than that my personal hero and so much more you remind me everytime that i am worth it and that lifes worth living for and to keep on going strong dont let anything stand in my way you do all this sometimes without any words must be dude writing it all onto my heart through you it is truely amazing you are truely amazing pixy please please know you are an amazing woman beatiful and incredible in every way i am blessed and honored to have you in my life thank you so much pixy you’ll never know how much i appreciate you but i will definitly try my hardest to always make you feel the wonderful way you make me feel . love always taryn

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