Friday, June 11, 2010

Your Rights
Ok, so as many of you know i have spent most of my life incarcerated weather it’s prison, jail, rehab, some kind of institution, I take full reponsibiity for everything I have ever done but I do wish I would have had the knowledge of law and my rights as I some what do now only from expiernce. I would have done things a lot different if I would have known my rights and known what I could do to stand up for my self and protect myself, and use the laws and rights that were written for us. Anyone who is reading this should take 5 minutes out of your busy life to read the constitution read and understand our rights and how they effect your life and how they can help you. We are letting the system and the police to violate our human rights and put us in jail and take away our freedom and our rights. That is fucking insane. You do not have to surrender to the police and do what they say, you have rights as a human. THEfirst is knowing your rights and actually using them to protect yourself. The cops and the judge, the d.a., and the system try to scare you get you to fall into the system give them all your rights and let them control you and what you do . You have to use the rights that are provided for you to protect yourself to protect your freedom. If you are not on probation or parole you have a great advantage you can learn your rights and use them. If you are not on probation or parole do not ever under any circumstances give the police the permission to search or investigate your person, your house, your vehical no matter what they try to put in your head trying to intimidate you, the police can not break the constitution inorder to violate your human rights. When the police stop you just hand them your id and dont say another word, they can find out all about you through that little id card all the questions they are asking are just to open doors to any further procedures. If you are not on probation or parole you do not have to test for them even if they threaten to take you to jail just stand your ground and express your knowlegde of the law and your rights and do not test for them if they really do take you to jail suck it up go for a day let the judge throw it out for no evidence, its better than letting the police take away your human rights and not standing up for yourself. I hate that people don’t know that they have rights and just repeatily get fucked by the system. You have to stick up for yourself and your freedom right now my good homeboy Jason Sheeler is doing 4 years at 80% cause he let the system fuck him again. Jason was stopped and searched a girl who was with him was also searched jason had nothing on him they found crystal meth on the girl who was with him, she told the cops it was his not hers and since Jason has a record and didnt fight it he was taken to jail. THe drugs were found on her person according to the law possession is 9/10ths that would mean the girl would have to be charged for possession thats the law but since Jason figured he couldnt do shit about it he would probly be going to jail again anyways why not just roll with it and take the first offer they throw at him. Jason should have posted up and fought that shit he would have won if he would have used their own laws against them. Thats what they do they play on your weaknesses and try to scare you into agreeing with what they say. You don’t have to believe everything they say, they lie too, they tell you bullshit to get you to fuck yourself. If you are on probation don’t let them harrass you into being guilty, dont let them make you believe your wrong. Don’t just agree cause they’re cops and you think what they says goes FUCK THAT you have rights. If you are being accused of being high by the police and your on probation but havent used in 3 days tell them the exact last use and ask for them to test the levels so you have proof also for evidence you might need another time. If you pass the first sobriety test then most likley they’ll leave you alone so remember everyone gets a racing heart, cotton mouth and sweaty palms when stopped by the police do not let them use that to pressure you or to get you to agree with what they are saying, do not let them pressure you take your time take some real deep breathes, always count slow cause your adrineline is pumping from police sober or not your hearts racing count very slowly 100,000 mississippi river pause 200,000 mississippi river pause take your time. OK say you do go in and have to go to court DO NOT EVER WAIVE TIME do not let them make you sit and wait in jail insist on a speedy trial don’t take any deals, don’t let them convince you to plead guilty to this and we’ll drop this, do not let them decide what you admit to, tell them you want to have the charges brought against you dealt with immidiatly make them get the evidence and present a case don’t give them any extra time. Do not let them fuck you because you dont know your rights. The point I’m trying to make is know your rights and know what they can and cannot do to you don’t ever just agree because you don’t know anything else you don’t know how to prove other wise. If your in court and your P.D. or lawyer isn’t saying what you want the judge to hear just speak up let the judge know you would like to speak. Don’t get railroaded by the system. SO learn your rights and how to use them. Also check out some things other people are doing on youtube to use their constitutional rights in court, a guy refuses to plea, he says he doesnt agree to the courts or contracts of the court and it works he beats his ticket.Check it out.

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