I want to just say I love all you guys but theres alot of you — i want the best for the world — please dont hurt one another — before anything we are human beings we are a family — please dont let your opinions or your beliefs or your teachings or money — please or where you live or your job or what you wear — please dont let anything come before another human being — if you dont we can st

and as a family a human family made of males and females — if just one time you could look at a family member nothing more — you could be at peace and you could understand what a wonderful family we are how strong we are and all the possiblities before us — i know as an indivigual you are fabulous but as a family member you are so much more — please wake up an come back to the fold where you are loved and cared for — if you keep breaking off an going there and here how will we ever find each other — you know being one probably two can hurt you — one person one town one state one country — there are no lines there are no separations — other than the ones we make — there is DUDE THE CREATOR OF ALL CREATION an he took from within and brought it out and this is EVERYTHING YOU ARE AWARE OF AND MORE — YOU HAVE LIFE TO LOOK FORWARD TO — you me all of us have been lied to — its not the way you have been shown — I TRULY WORK FOR DUDE — please at least check us out before you decide we have nothing you want — an there you have it THANK YOU WITH MUCH AFFECTION PIXIE AN DUDE

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