WELL ITS 12;58 BUT THATS NOT WHAT TIME IT IS — TRY AGIAN — OK LET ME HELP YOU OUT HERE — FIRST DO A COUPLE OF THINGS — CLOSE YOUR EYES AND TAKE A GOOD LOOK AROUND — THE THING ABOUT THAT IS IF YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES YOU CAN NOT BE BLINDED — NOW EMPTY YOUR MIND COMPLETELY AND SEE WHAT YOU KNOW — NOW THAT YOU ARE IN THE DARK AND HAVE NO IDEA OF ANYTHING PINCH YOURSELF — IF YOU FEEL THE PINCH THEN YOU ARE AWAKE — IF YOU DONT FEEL IT THEN OPEN YOUR EYES AN GO BACK TO FIXING YOUR HAIR AND PLEASE TRY TO STAY OUT OF THE WAY — AND YOU GO AHEAD AND SEE THINGS AS YOU HAVE BEEN CONDITIONED TO SEE FOR EONS TO SEE AND KEEP YOUR BLINDERS ON SO YOU DONT NOTICE ALL THE PILES OF SHIT YOUR WADING IN — KEEP PAYING FOR ALL THE WORTHLEES GARBAGE YOUR SURROUNDING YOURSELF WITH SO YOU CAN KEEP LIVING THE LIE OF LIFE YOU ARE ACCEPTING TO BELIEVE IN — EVEN THOUGH YOU CAN SEE THERE IS NOTHING THERE — ok there maybe something there but nothing or no one that can do anything about your dying or explain it — you keep making and spending money thats worth nothing — keep watching and believing the lie on the news and in the papers without even questioning if that information is being controlled — keep believing in your freedom even though your only free to do as your told an to do otherwise you will be fined or imprisioned — you keep listening to people telling you the way things are now and from the past — like they were born with something more than you — like they came out of the womb with an extra elbow or they came out with a bigger brain than you came out with — like they had access to a special library of knowledge or something — like you are a sheep that follows because you are lacking the ability to use your own head — just please stay out of the way of the sixteen of us that are trying our best to stop you from walking into the oven or at least stop telling these guys where we hid the matches — ok what time do you think it is — and there you have it — thank you with hope and affection pixie an dude

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