And so started another wonderful day here on this wonderland we all live on — Our own little paradise this beautiful garden the earth —  alright  so its not like that but I like to look at it like that —  now if i stop and look at it — the earth — it is all wonderful and magical a real wonderland —  the earth is a garden —  I was just thinking Adam and Eve garden Eden — before that I was knowing if there were no people on this earth it would be a garden — well if you were to look at  it — does everything fit here on this globe — now if you took away humans — this is and would be the garden — but people are here actually ruining the whole place — and yes it’s everyone of us doing that — the thing is some people are doing some things on purpose — if we aren’t holding the hammer — we are watching the guy hammering —- wait look at the stuff that’s been going on — look at what’s happening — terrible things are going on — and that seems to be fine with everyone — what the hell is wrong with us — there are  some really bad things planned for us by the look of things — well fuck  are we in a trance or something — it feels like it  — well boys i hate to bring this to your attention — but we are losing a battle that hasn’t started yet — so ok we don’t know shit – great so now what — well we don’t let on that we know anything and we keep looking  like we are still in a trance — we have to have a way to know who’s  who — and we start getting our guys together — I’m thinking we want to be careful and check out what kind of shape we are in — well the water food and air are all really bad — our food water air are killing us slowly — that’s everything we need to live — we can deal with that — but it’s not the first thing that has to happen — we have to figure out who’s who and we need to have a signal universal signal — we need to stop working with and supporting those trying to actually kill us — we have to start talking with each other — one very important thing is to not be alone — it’s no longer safe — we should start grouping — if you have friends you need to all stay together — group –right now anons are our touchstone anonymous — that’s us our army —   the information of all of us how we are all monitored and our fines everything needs to be destroyed — on whatever database it’s on — if we all did not pay or show up  — to whoever or where ever — it would stop the machine — and there is not enough of them to arrest or kill us — we know they are worried about us for some reason — I’m sure we can kick ass but lets be stealth about things — if they are cops then we are criminals — that makes us some fucking bad ass mothers — i am positive — now when in Rome do as the Romans do — since everything is being run by cheats a liars — well we be better at it — do they have the ability to think —  or do they need a script — is it something like that — ok for sure there is an has been for sometime — been people controlling other people with lies threats — through education children are taught to follow the rules and so forth and those children are adults today — with religion we are taught fear not only that we are taught our god is angry at us and he is so angry we are not allowed to go to him but to seek out the son who was killed and go through him — even though he is not here but on the way back — we are drilled to have faith and believe in what they tell us — to have faith and believe in something that is not there — nothing you can see — well if you don’t see it neither do they — so why do we follow those guys who take our money — does god require or his require payment of money — and shouldn’t the priest give up the golden cross and cup to help take care of those in need — and if that’s what they are doing caring for those lost souls why don’t they open the doors so the cold people can get out of the cold — stop paying for everything — Moses came down with the tablets and said thou shalt not worship gold so the l was dropped our of gold now we worship god — you know in god we trust — and if god is going to issue commandments that i am suppose to follow — they will be ones that i can do — well i have no father or mother so how can i do — honor they mother and father — i have dude and dude is the creator of all creation — and I am fine with that — i know two things — one is i am beloved — two is everything is fine or ok — but i was asked by a friend this morning — what should we do this shit is really going on and it’s real — so I have to realize there are a lot of people that are numb right now — with a lot of concerns — I know everyone is in a different mindset — for right now do not panic and stop and look where you are — before you go running around — you can choose anything — and choice is a thing that is real that every person was given — from the creator — which cannot be taken away — if all the doors are shut then go thru a window — you choose to be happy or said — if that guy is powerful to you — you chose him to be — so what do you have from the creator of all creation right now — you have a choice — you can choose — and there you have it —  MAYBE ITS NOT YOUR FAITH IN HIM — MAYBE ITS YOUR CHOICE



I have something to say I don’t give a good god damn who you are if someone’s asking for your help — you should help especially if its like your fucking job and if your not going to help — the least you can do is say so — also if you are having a problem you should have enough balls to say so — like keep your fucking fingers out of my mouth — if you are prone to having tantrums then maybe you should go back to the crib with your thumb in your mouth and not be dealing with other people — also if very cowardliness of you to not let someone even question you — I find it hard to believe I would be shut down or treated this way by anyone here at WordPress — shame on you — I still am having problems that I can’t fix I really wish I had money to pay someone to do the work I can not do — or I wish we had some kind of I will do that if you can do this thing — or I didn’t feel guilty for asking — communication would be best — you know — you may see a problem that I can’t see — and so you know because of this I am having a very hard time — because I do not understand — if I am wrong I am sorry — if I did wrong I am sorry — we should all try to understand we are in this together and at present we are not positive of a lot of things or people —

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