th_Unicorn-PairWhiteWaterShimmeringFramedAlright then the result is always —  you will never be disappointed as long as you never expect anything — OK YOUR DOING SOMETHING –an something else your doing shows up — up until that moment you were just doing stuff — but now you know what your doing — wonder what you call something like that — maybe you do not know what I am talking about — here is one are you waiting for that day — I bet we all have one — like the day when another person does not let you down — Is the reasoning that they just disappointed you but only a little — its basically where they put you first — you know where they stand on the bus so you can sit — or where instead of going joy riding they bring your car right back because they do not want you to have to worry — I guess I might wait for that day for along time — you know I noticed something about myself the other day — an I felt like a complete idiot — I actually must have thought people can read my mind — someone did something that I can not stand and I got mad about it an told them — they said ok now I know that upsets you I wont do that anymore — I said thank you but I was not upset because of what they did I was upset they did something I did not like but I never told them I did not like that yet — I was just tripping on some stuff — now on to what we are here for right now — there is an awakening happening on this planet — which by the way is way over due — at the same time dude has frozen a lot of stuff from happening because if stuff would have happened the way it wanted to about 97 percent of the humans on the planet would be dead or close to it — now if you think life here is fine you have yet to wake up — you know there are even the ones that think they are awake — those are some really asleep people — I was just thinking if the bad guys cant carry on with their plans — for what ever reason that will make some of us look really nuts — I always look nuts so I do not care I am going to keep pushing — well anyway I wonder if there is a easy to come up with a — there are this many awake an this many asleep — I ask because I am pretty sure it was something dude wanted to know — I am still trying to work on that because the day it happened was odd even for me — there we are in a store an all of a sudden — I get mayor incoming not a little but a lot an I am thinking this is different — I had to kind of yell at everyone to stop or slow down — well here I am with dude coming in an then right on top of dude I am getting a ton of questions — and on top of that I am getting update that people are aware of where I am at today and they are aware I can do some different stuff — so I am tripping in this store not one word being spoken mind you an I am yelling for everyone to shut up an give me a minute to get it all figured out — so all I can do is just start saying a bunch of stuff to my friend so people can hear — so I find my friend an just start telling him the answers to these questions an he was cool he just let me do what ever I was doing — actually that is very cool — people that are close to me accept me for who I am an I guess they are use to me — thank goodness — my friends name is Kevin and him and i decided a few years ago we are family and we are and we love each other for who we are — it is really nice to have someone like that — we spend our days decoding each other — its really fun actually — we are like the rest of the world broke as hell wondering where what and how everything — I had Kevin buy me an dude for a buck an told him to make money off of us and this blog — dude let me along time ago — I cant give this information away for free then sell it but some how get it out there — I tried for some years with no luck or its not luck its not knowing everything I need to to do this — and not having functioning part of the brain to get it all figured out — people look at me crooked when I try to tell them — but I just am missing a bunch of stuff there is nothing in my head that is going to help me know it either — Its like trying to talk bird to a fish — I am pretty sure its like that for a reason — so anyway we will see what happens — am sure he can do way more than I have with this stuff I think since I started this blog in like 2003 to date there is only been like 6000 people have read it — That is pretty sad when a few million in one day see a ad for shoes –And there you have it —



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