th_unicorns006I bet your a lot like me — Well actually we are pretty much all the same guy — with a twist here an there — We all want the same things really — at our core we just want to enjoy life — we want to be secure we want to be who we are — basically deep down we are all the same — I think we get lost and confused — if you look at our history our road — the road of being a thought becoming form — there has been a lot of changing and transforming and growing for a great span of existence to get to where we are — as a human we need to know and understand some things that we never consider in our daily living — lets try not to get real detailed — we really have no need to — pretty much we have all the evidence and facts and I am very sure we have papers of proof of it all some where — alright I have to try to get this in words — I am getting a lot of incoming about this… it is actually changing as its coming in — because I have it in my mind but the things i have in my mind are not in their correct places — according to the way its coming in — ok i am going to try to write it as it came in — wow this is a lot — the creator dude is like an artist — not anything like we do — he is actually — ok wait first if you had a picture of dude in his form — you would have a picture of energy completely and lets not forget that it crackles and pops and sparkles — now that is a picture of dude and do not forget the thought part of dudes picture is not visible to our sight of vision — but that part becomes what dude wants it to become — and when it does we can see it with our vision — so for dude to create — he became it — with that said we can move onto where did humans come from — well none of us are going to be happy with we came from dude — we want the details — so here they are — dude had part of himself become a a man and he put also in the not visible stuff — there is male but what about the female — well man was fashioned from a tree — the tree was created first — and so was everything — and then there we have dude and man and everything — well dude is experincing side effects like emotion — love is actually what he creates from a creation — which is female which is opposite– then you take part of each opposite and combine them and get one — i am sure if there actually is a trinity it can be seen in that — omg i am having a blast with all this — but i am thinking i have gone way off from where i was going — ok i was going to try to explain or let you know what i see going on — since we are all curious about the fact we are all seem to be waking up an shit — bless all our little hearts we are all concerned for each other — we are so cute — we are all trying to do everything we are suppose to be doing — has anyone noticed — that we are all concerned about the rest of us — we are not stressing on who got into the peanut butter — i am thinking this is kind of different for us — now i can say that because i can feel you guys now — something like that — its more like i feel kind of like i am part of stuff — an i am knowing this is a different way to feel — its just starting though like there was a little miss for a second — but its more there than not there — you know its possible that this is becoming the best day i have ever known — oh i see that there are stages or steps — everyone is not on the same step — that is ok and no problem — but that is not true because we are all here together — what it is — is how your looking at stuff — and the stuff your looking at — try this — go ahead an see stuff but you have it in you to process– but put in yourself — that there are things you do not need to process– like comercails — that us overload — i have to leave right now so i will have to finish this when i get back — i screwed up my money so i am going to go figure out how to replace 400 dollars — so i will be back an finish this — but i am going to go ahead and publish this –so that is where i am at so far — and there you have it —
thank you
pixie and dude

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