So I will — I have been crying because they are taking the tiny houses away from the homeless people in L.A. — I am on facebook a lot an I try to find out whats going on in the world by seeing what people are showing — then try to share with other people — hoping for a communication of a sort where this one who doesnt know that one — can have a view different from the one they are looking at — I have no idea if its doing anything but I hope so — today I saw the tiny houses being taken and it hit me very hard for humanity — for the guy who built them for the people who had a place out of the weather safer — for the people who are doing the things that are causing so much more sorrow for those who can bare no more — for the ones that can see this that can do something and dont — for those that somehow think they are not even part of it all — I have to tell you all that I am aware that we are all going to make it and we are all going to be fine — I know this but I am crying because of what I see people will let another person endure — without considering at all — I see people who will have nothing to do with some one because they are poor or they are a criminal or because of the clothes they wear or where they were born — you know I have been told that no one likes to read so the words I write are never read — I actually can verify this and its true — I have to say that if any person ever read any thing in thier life — I dont care who they are they should read what I write — am I trying to say I am a really good writer — no I am not — but I write the truth which I will tell you now — not one single one of you has ever had — I realize you all think and believe you have had some truth but if you are honest the truth you have came from someone else in one form or another — an yes the truth I have came from someone else — the difference from yours an mine is i can back my truth up with fact all the way to the begining in order an not one is missing — everyone has back up to back up its back up — from right this moment to that moment to the begining –if you doubt me then prove me incorrect any where — that being said — I have thousands of freinds on face book and every day there are more and more — I was wondering if there would be so many if they knew that I am adopted and have no family as you would know family — if they knew I grew up poverty stricken — for those of you who dont know what that means — it means no food no clothes no bathtub no heat no roof no brush no tooth paste — no one that likes you — no nice people — being hated for no reason — looking for everything you need even food in the trash — even though I was living this in the 60s its pretty much like your current homeless people — would these people want to be my friend if they knew I am a criminal — that I am an excon — that I am a flipino — that I do drugs — and if they found any of this out would they stop to wonder the why of any part of it or would they just be disgusted with me — You all need to know a few things — that through not much fault of your own you are lacking– if you just are knowing me first I will tell you this about me — that you should not diss miss because it is fact as well as true — I have the authority to speak for DUDE an to you DUDE is GOD he is THE GREAT I AM THE LORD he is IN FACT THE CREATOR OF ALL CREATION he is in fact the one I follow instruction from — by the way thats what I do is follow instruction — and just so you know our communication is very different from any thing you know basically I get mostly pictures and impressions like a footprint — I dont hear anything like you understand hearing — well any way why I call him Dude is because one day I was minding my own buisness an I get why do I need a name an I said ok DUDE an there that is and it stays — tell it changes — so getting on with things — what you need to know am there is more here than i am going to get into — but its lenghty an I dont want to do that — since no one likes to read so I am not sure exactly why but — we are going to be alive soon and with life we will have complete knowledge with complete understanding its really wonderful — everyone is like waking up right now — actually we are going from existence to life — the universe has to alighn and all foundations have to come undone — we are and everything is shadow and shadow is coming alive — any way thats whats happening — but I have to tell you it will be better if we do this positive and do it together — we have completed our human evolution and we should be having a world party we have done something thats never been done — we are now a family of humans we are not a species we are the only family in existence and there is nothing like us in the universe — we are a human family made up of males and females period — once DUDE gives us his tiny part of himself — which will be life to us we will be humanbeings — this is all coming into being now and we need to be positive and help each other — understand there is nothing that is more important than another person — all we know will be no more — except other humans and we began this together we will all remember each other — if every person helped just one person no one would need any help — its better to lean into the turn –than away — I hope I was able to help in some way with what I have tried to communicate to you — and there you have it —

by the way DUDE will soon be here to speak for his self an put his toes in grass — if you would like to know more I have it in my blogs at pwrpixie.wordpress.com


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