DECKER TITILED THIS BLOG THAT WE DO NOT KNOW EXACTLY WHAT ITS ABOUT — i am thinking its gonna be about wanting to  tell you a couple of things — all of us may be not seeing or looking at — i have been asked if  i care if people use my stuff — im thinking thats a very retarded thing to say — why are you writing — if you dont want anyone to read it or pass it along — what are you writing secrects or what — i do have technorati who has claimed for me every thing i have ever wtiten on the web — put i want everyone to read it an pass it on — i want everyone to gain from what i write — also i think you should get a dictionary — and know that  there is nothing more powerful than words — ever was ever will be — words are just words but they can do stuff — how is that — thats pretty bad ass dont you think — — well letters are alive — they are the only begotten of god the only anything that dude gave life to —  thats why there is nothing more powerful than life — so i was just thinking it    —  might be a good idea if  everyone just stopped saying stuff — about stuff like they know anything about anything — i have got news for everyone i dont care what side you part your hair on — just so you know an i know this for sure — we are all going to have to get along and the sooner the better– well im falling asleep — sorry dont know if i got this one or not — an there you have it andre


PIXY  AN  DUDEth_Unicorns-6-1

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