th_mermaidandunicornsIn case none of you know me or about me — I will give you a quick update — because one of you maybe able to help me — I am a female I just had a birthday on the fourth of June I turned 63 — I have no family except my boys an my grand daughters an my sister — that are blood — I was adopted at 24 hours old — I was raised extremely poverty stricken — I was extremely abused most of my life — I was taken out of school at about the second or third grade — I have done hard labor all my life — As a result of extreme abuse as a infant I have been diagnosed — incorrectly I might add — as well as miss handled by pretty much everyone — I have been able to deal with everything in one piece an still standing — I also have been able to deal with dude the creator of all creation the great I AM THE LORD which took some getting used to — as well as learning and understanding — so in a nutshell thats your basics to get to right here right now — I am telling you this because you all seem to think that Im like you — that I had an upbringing an family life and schooling — a mom an a dad an relatives — an clothes an food an church an a home — an a computer an books an bikes an dolls — I couldnt even tell time till i was 12 or 13 — an the first time I got on a computer was in 2002 — when I started writing this blog — I got the basics enough stumbling around here in cyberspace to get from here to there — I can not type I look for the letters — some of you get upset when i spell the words wrong — an where i put periods — hell i dont even use them because i dont know where they go — i have never read a book front to back — but i asm getting better at reading i think — i dont know how to copy an paste or what a url is or how to fix it — when i started this blog is when i started writing — an what i do with dude is — im trying to follow instruction — an when i write im trying to put words to what im looking at — the thing is that i am suppose to get this stuff i get to the mass cause it belongs to the mass — but im telling you i am failing — i am doing the best i can — but i just cant get it figured out — i will get somewhere finally an then i am suppose to do some seo thing or whatever an i go on a goose chase trying to know what that is an i get lost again — im lucky i got to wordpress — someone out there sent me herte or they told me to come here — an i did an when i got here — they had it all set up — all i had to do was write stuff an push a button an they dont change things to much so i dont get lost an can still get around — so i am greatful i can be here — the hardest thing was in order to write stuff they needed a title — so i just put a few words together an that worked — then i just started writing in the title part an when i have aenough words — i just jump down to the weriting part — some of you have asked me stuff an i have tried to get back to you but i dont know how — i try to go to your stuff but i cant ever get there — so this blog is to let you know — my stuff is the way it is because i have this knowledge and you have that knowledge — i know i could p[ay someone to help but i dont have any money — i have been trying to get this out there since 2002 so far it says 9500 people have seen this blog its 2016 — i really could use some help — if your interested my email is but if you email me please put something so i dont think your spam — an there you have it
thank you

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