do you ever wonder how things happen — like how that tree ended up exactly right there and not over there — or how did that fish get into that bowl — why did that car get a flat tire — or how come i am late — ok let me ask you this — is it possible that everything we know and experience is the result of someones choice — if someone choose everything — is everything then by design — just because you did not choose something — does not mean it still was not chosen by someone else — thinking — that is how you can get far enough a way from a problem — so you can see it — shouldnt you think about how not to have that problem or how to correct whats the matter — alright now thought is always first — but in front of thought there is thinking — in front of thinking there is an idea — in front of idea — there is a spark of energy — now when it comes to thought and action — thought is always first — then there is choice — then there is action — then there is a reaction — we can think before reacting — i guess you could say — if we were created in the image of the creator with the creator, being in the begining — THE CREATOR WAS — energy thought thinking energy — like — a sparkler — then the creators image would be thought energy thinking — so then humans were created to be able to think to have thought — so if you were wondering about what our capablities are as humans — being able to think must be like a super human power or ability — do you understand that — we humans are miracles walking around — there is nothing like us in the known universe — we are special to our creator — we are special enough to be given our creators ability — we are special enough to be given form — in case you did not know we were already spirit — which is without form — we have been conditioned to believe that our bodies die an we become spirit — there is nothing farther from the truth — right now we are doing levels of existence which to us looks like death — but actually we are just moving around on levels of existence — the reason for this is our journey if you will our evolution from thought to form — as we began as a thought of our creator, that figured out how to get a thought to a form — which we have now become — we have done this by existing on levels of existence — we are finally at the point — where that which is only existing can be given life and become alive — where as when we were only thought we could be given nothing — thought is only that thought — there is no substance to thought no meat if you will — we need to abandon the things we have been taught as true and factual — exactly where has this information been coming from — as humans have been trying to rule and have athority over humans since our begining — and humans did bad things from the begining — do you honestly believe that in our past there was no one except honourable people — doing nothing but trying to help each other — it was survival was it not — caring for others — this is something we are just now in 2016 trying to figure out — its actually a new concept that we are all trying to wake up to — we are just now in the begining stages of caring for others — we are going through the stages of only caring for self to caring for more than self — which is essentail for humans to do to complete our thought to form journey — to understand everything helps everything be there — its not to hard to look at everything an see that we have been incorrect in the things we have been doing — believing that we had the truth — but i am here to ask you — exactly where did that truth come from — if you as a humam had to seek truth out — what makes you believe another human such as yourself with exactly all the same stuff you have — had truth and had what more stuff than you — all that happened was other humans figured out to lie to other humans — figuring hell how will they know its a lie — i ask you if everything is destroyed all books knowledge — an then you write a book — does that not give your book all the advantage — and with you having no knowledge there were others books before the book presented — where does that leave you — well thats whats happened to all you know, as reality — which makes pretty much all you know and your entire foundation someone elses bullshit — so how can you know the truth and what is real — you know because the truth can point out a lie — we have life to look forward to — i can tell you this all the foundations as we know them now, are going to crumble — trying to hold on to them will be fruitless — everything we know exists from someone elses choice of greed and someone elses lies — we are not waking up we are becoming alive — we can do so much by thinking — so i wonder how many of us are thinking out here — i am thinking theres not a lot of thinking going on at all — one of the main things those in control had to do was stop people from thinking — which was done through schooling — we were taught to follow — follow the rules follow the leader — and if you dont you are a rebel and rebels are bad — which in fact you are a free thinker a very good thing to be — so we can think and we can choose — i am thinking given another option you will have choice — and you will be able to choose — by the way all your choice were taken from you without your even noticing — thinking and choosing — those are two very special — super human powers — that can not be taken from you — this is why i am talking to you today — so if your not thinking or — if you have no choices — i can tell you that your being lied too — that your being brain washed — your being condtioned , extremely condtioned — lets forget for one moment whats being done — and think about why one person would do such terrible things to another human — now think about who would do these things — now lets think about why — now lets understand it being done to us all at different degrees to produce different results — it does not look good — in fact it looks very terrifiying for all of us — is what is being planned for us by other humans going to actually happen — well i can tell you this some humans, a very few have been controling the masses for eons and are still trying and planning to do so –and now thier plan is to mass murder 90 percent of us because they are realizing we out nuymber them — the mass could crush them now — you do know when it all started — humans controlling other humans — the numbers were alot less than they are today — i am in hopes that this information is recieved in the light of which it is given — theres only one way to do anything — positive — positive — positive — think — positive — and we can choose to think positive — what if that works — we can actually think shit to be there — an we can choose different stuff — stuff that does not hurt any one or anything — glitter is great — color — balloons — bubbles — laughter — smiling — unity , if we all were driving at 90 miles an hour — exactly who are they going to pull over, if none of us pulled over, exactly what are they going to do — if we flooded the courts, how could they function — if no one paid, who are they gonna come after — if we all stopped working, how will those controling us do anything — there are enough of us that we can help each other — we can let our people in the store and not allow any of them in — we can give the good guys electricity and not let the bad guys have any — come on lets have some fun for a change — they want to play well hell, lets play — lets stand one for all, and all for one — dont let the guy doing the right thing do it alone — if you see a guy dancing in the street get in there an dance with him — if there is a person starving everyone give them food — dont throw food away put it out for someone to eat — are you worried about money hell everyone stop charging for everything — can you see any difference in everything being charged for, and nothing being charged for — have you ever checked out how many brand new cars were never bought and where they are kept — do you know if plastic was put in, where oil is taken out — that the plastic will do a better job than the oil did — but at the time when oil was used, plastic did not exist yet — do you know that if everyone one said no one owes me anything — there would be no debt world or otherwise — you do realize the whole money thing was put there to control the masses — and still does — do you know television was created for mass brian washing and became obsilite — so cell phones were created for mass controling the population as well as video games for younger people — its going to take some effort to turn things around ,but that is really all that has to happen is some effort — none of the effects of any of what they are doing to us it is lasting — it only continues, with contiuing use — if you want to wake people up — put your foot through the tv, grab the cell phones and smash them – take a hammer to the video games — i guarntee people will start talking — there is more, but i want to get this out now — you can also find my stuff at — sometimes it takes me awhile before i put new stuff out there — well ok then — and there you have it

thank you with much affection


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