Here I am up here on this mountain — this beautiful peaceful mountain  Andres mountain — I have all these thoughts and all these memories I have to deal with  — Andre and I became like soul mates — we looked out for each other — we played ,we laughed, we shared,we fought,we planned — we were neighbors but some how our houses became one house — friends became our friends — family became our family — stuff became our stuff — problems became our problems — somehow we became inter twined with each other — Andre is the sweetest man that I have ever met — though he could be menising he was not — this man did everything with his heart while his head kept him preoccupied with inventions — he had no opinions — he had no premeditation — he lived in the moment — he never met a person he did not like — he never spoke any ill towards anyone — if someone was being torn down in his presence he would stop it and defend them — he loved adventure — he had beutiful dreams — he was a musican he could play any instrument — but his love was the base — oh my god i heard him sing one day while singing into my friends phone for some app — you know I didnt say anything but what i heard was something not of this earth — now i heard him sing while practicing but this was different — I have never heard anything so beautiful in my life I have never heard anything like it — it was amazing – that was the only time I heard him sing like that — he played for me once and that was the same both were short but neither was from this earth — I will always wonder about that — he was a very quite man — he had a stillness to him that was calming — I keep calling him a man when in fact he was youth — we were like kids up here something no one ever saw — we played — we shared everything — he had girl friends I had boy friends — they all came and went — it would always come back to me an him — he was like this hip goth musican guy an I am like this fluttering white fairy bouncing around — we were probably to funny for words — we both have children that are always in our hearts and minds — we would talk for hours — sometimes we didnt speak at all — we both had loves of our lives his was his mama ,mine was casey — they were our angels — we planned how our houses would be and the mountain — what we would put here and what should go there — we always shared food and meals — he was going to plan our garden so we would always have food — we planned the band room under my house — we planned the gazebo between our houses — he kept a ladder behind my back porch to come up — he said we should just have a zip line — we planned a beach area with a hottub inside the palm trees — he said the neighbors are going to be jealous of our yard — now im a clean freak not really what it is is that im petrified of spiders so i make sure they have no where to hang out in my house — while he has a use for everything someday so it gets hard to move around in his house — I actually know the story of every nut and bolt the man owns ok — even if i didnt want to — he left to go visit with his kids which was something he thought would never happen — while he was there he went to a rehab — while at the rehab he suffered a heart attack and he passed away august 6th 2016 — there is so much that i havent written here but for now this is enough — and there you have it — goodbye Andre I will always love you and I will never forget you Pixie

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