th_unicorns006WOW Theres alot of stuff going on — isnt there — theres no sense in going over everything going on — I want to ask you something — have you noticed that its all negative and not nothing positive — so first lets get all that stuff to go positive — so it does not matter what it is so we will say this for everything — its opening alot of stuff — peoples eyes — the oppurtunitys that are coming about are endless — where as before shit started doing shit there really much actually going on — so lets just give this stuff a once over what do you say — ok so a plus we have going for us is this is some new shit — im serious check it out none of this stuff ever happened before — the united states government is actually some people or not — i keep hearing stuff that the government aliens — or the rich guys telling the government what to do are aliens — something like that — so any way whoever these guys are — they have been pretending to help us — we are the mass of humans here on the globe — the thing here is we are no longer anything but the enemy as well as criminals — trust me if you are not in on it or have any part in it — then it would be a real good idea if you know that you are the enemy and you are also up to some kind of criminal activity — which makes you a criminal — you know im kind of always been a criminal so this is an on going thing for me and quite a few others — but actually thats how it happens — cause i know your all thinking ive got my head up there real far — but its one day there you are and it doesnt matter if you got all a s or that you are a law biding citizen and you dont swear — and you dont even spit or if you go to school or have a really good job — it doesnt matter who you voted for it doesnt matter if you pay your taxes — none of your life up to this point an time makes any difference — because you are no more than a criminal and an enemy — now you want to know whos whos enemy an how did some thing be doing stuff an you be doing criminal stuff — an you didnt know any thing was doing any thing — well if you give someone the benefit of the doubt an its a mistake on your part — we thought he looked like a nice guy — and then that happened — so you see this is the part where nothing is exactly what its trying to be looking like an nobodys exactly who thier trying to be looking like they really are — an its looking like whats really going on is some thing totally else — so dude let me know a very long time ago — that when in rome do as the romens do — but make very sure you are the authority period every where ever — which we are not — but our really good friend is — oh we got some other stuff going for us to — we are way knowing better stuff than they are — i mean its kind of funny that an i dont care who it is — when someone is thinking they are knowing what thier doing when they do not have a clue exactly who they are actually dealing with — its like oh my god are these guys kidding me — anyway tell me what you think of this — a criminal is a bad mother — a criminal can do things they cant even imagine — criminals are the like supermen of everyone walking on this globe — its so exciting i got this one not very long ago — but yeah theres a group of us an that was news to me — i dont know everything but i know that we are originals and the rest are copies — ok to reveal some thing is mostly somebody gets to know some stuff — so theres alot of that going on in this blog an the best thing is if you know it your suppose to an if you dont your not — it have to say right here that dude is a bad mother f—-r — its not possible to say all the stuff but thats doing some shit when you can show shit for what shit is and then all of a sudden shit starts doing shit an thats the way its suppose to be going — and actually theres no other way — everybodies being who they are cause who else are they going to be been — oh really quick just so everyone knows — when all this started there was a count of all of us not only that but — when the smoke clears that count will be exactly the same — because everyone makes it — there will be no less but now the question becomes is there more — dont worry there are alot of levels of existence — we are only aware of the level we are on at the time — but i guarntee there are alot of things being plated out on every level of existence — i dont jump around on the levels but i can see and interact with them all — you see this is a multiy layered thing going on — with a bunch of stuff going on — the thing is the only things im allowed to know are — that i am beloved and everything is fine — and there you have it —

    thank you  
                  PIXIE  AN  DUDE

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