Well I am concerned about what I have been seeing so yesterday I stated Im concerned  —  I am concerned that people are being hurt an killed  ———          but thats nothing new —  did I tell you that my uncles going to buy a new truck  —  oh an there is this really cute guy I have been noticing that I think was looking at me         ——— I am concerned that   I am seeing that there are people who want to kill 90 something percent of  the people on this globe right now — not just that this is what they want but also that this was a plan that started awhile ago — that   — that plan awhile ago was put into action and every move being made in that direction was completely lied about — and that everything was disguised to look like things were all being done to save us from something happening or about to happen — that would be determental to us ——- oh my god someone bombed some buildings and we are not going to have someone who is jealous because of how good we have it — get away with coming over here an harming us and what we hold dear — we have to defend it — its our duty for some of us to go die for this —— hey theres a sale at kmart an there is going to be a 6 percent off but only for today ——  I saw the funnyest thing today  — this guy on a bike rammed right into the back of car an did he go flying ——- you know I think I need to stop eating carrots I think they give me gas ——– I am concerned that there are people in positions that have power over us whos goal is to control us — and will use any  means against us  reguardless of any thing we do — they pay other people to police even our thoughts that are trained to do what they are told and destroy all opposision anyway possible — and then put good ones with bad ones dress them exactly the same so we can not tell whos who —  I am concerned that there are people doing things in our name to other peoples inocent peoples around the entire globe bombing killing stealing lying in everyones face — I am concerned because I it seems like there are to many people about to be hit — an they dont even know something is swinging at them — I am concerned they cant even hear when your yelling for them to duck — I am concerned that at every way I turn theres a block —  thats stopping every glimmer of hope — Then I am concerned if I am knowing what I know if I am getting the things I am getting correctly — if I am doing what I am suppose to be doing —  Then I see in the middle of everything — things being how and what and who they are suppose to be being — and then another — an another and where Im at and Im there then i can relax and take a breath —  I can know then that I do know the things I know — and there are only two things I can really know and one is that I am beloved and the other is everythings fine — an I know dude an  — an thats all fine  — but I can not be ok an I can not stop even with what I know — until every single person is ok — until that happens I just cant be ok — an there you have it —

with much affection thank you


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