th_FantasyArt082801bth_sorrowJust what is going on every where — the reason I ask is I get lost alot — when this happens I can just see where Im at an kind of jump in some where — you know like your jumping rope with people an now you jump in — well its like that — I have to tell you guys Im thinking theres a problem — cause no matter where I go theres nothing to jump into — when your from no where — thats the only way to say that — well someone has to let you in — an I know right now that thats not nothing bad in fact this is how thats coming in — if theres a problem an you jump into help — all you did was become part of that problem and made it bigger — you cannot do a thing to effect your stuff — so I guess if anyone was trying to find anyone this might be a good place to look — the thing is thats why im not here but i am there — something like that — im sorry i dont know how to say things better — actually you would understand if i told you stuff upside down — so thats one we can not worry about — gotta love it when that happens — oh my goodness — you know how you wish you would shut up — well thats not happening — or how you wish you would stop — well thats not happening either — if you never burnt a bridge an now all of a sudden even the roads on fire an all you can do is think marsh mellows and wienees — oh the funnest part of that is finding the sticks — oh theres a thing — if you need to have a marsh mellow roast you know an emergency one — its ok to use the stove cause even so its still an officail mm roast but sticks are required — thats just so you know — ive actually had to do the stove several times — because most people do not understand all the mechanics of a mm roast — any way for those that do there you go — now what was i doing before that happened — oh yes every where there is nowhere — im confused about this first cause i cant be any where but mostly because every one of you is doing it — i know that as a family of humanbeings we had to do something together — im not sure if this is a great idea but if its what we got then thats what it is — but lets see how that goes — ok so to handle anything — you all figure not being any where will work — or is it just dont do any thing about anything an let everything just do what ever its going to do — im just trying to get a clear picture of anything — with the state everything is in which everything by its self is a mess an if you put it all together — you have a great mass of mess — now you all are watching your mess — but you see im wondering why — are you all going to sneak up on it or what — maybe your waiting for it to do something — like fly or walk or something — maybe you think it will fix itself — ok just so you know which im sure you do — first how can you expect a mess to be anything other than a mess — even if it could do anything why would it — it did nothing to get there — you know i wouldnt be so on this but its actually holding stuff up — i mean some more stuff wants to happen but it cant cause everything is a mess — now did you guys vote on this mess thing or what — ok i need to be honest here — i dont care who what or where we have mayor mess problem — lets try this lets say we found this this way — an offer to try to correct the mess problem — then what you do is what your looking at is yours — so now look at how you might do this to that and that to this — what would that do — or you could just go positive on it — because we all know pure positive is magic happens — you ask how do i know this — well cause dude let me know one day that pure positive causes magic to happen — so now i will ask you this — if you are gonna listen to that guy and actually do what he said — why wouldnt any of you even consider the things im trying to tell you — because dude gives me stuff an says get this to the mass — an you can see its something even what you were trying to find — but you just leave it an go do more stuff thats not a good idea — im thinking dude needs me to ask you if you would be still an listen — its not that hes not communicating — its that all you guys have something more important to be doing — with me it was the only thing that seemed important enough to do anything about — an i understand none of you want to take any responisability for screwing up water an i dont blame you — well yes i screwed up the water — yea me nither — so this is what i got about that from dude says — why not start putting things in thier proper place for example in your world im sure you have standards for what you have to do to go to jail — an by the way letting the ones be in charge of who goes are the ones that should of been first — im telling you what maybe the fact that they say ok then ill do this — that im not suppose to — im mean these guys must be sure that they are invisible or that they have mastered something — cause for sure they party all the time because they say — oh yeah watch this fly — well i just thought i would let you know if you all dont do some shit an do it quick — it will be done by someone else — an if that happens you will be reguarded as part of the mess — this is a final warning — nothing else is coming in your favor — you fucked shit up — you fix it before your part of it — nothing is gonna wait on you — by the way i just got this is officailly being done with the given authority from the creator of all creation who i call dude– an there you have it —
thank you
pixie an dude

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