an there you have it — now lets see  — is everyone happy with how they want things to be — or how they think things should be — you all have your hands in there some where —  we have just about everything and everyone — so since we are all here — lets make sure that we got it all — ok lets start top to bottom maybe — well theres god and theres the devil saints and sinners — the innocent – well we have to go this way with that —  ok we are going to hold onto that for a minute — you know if you can see everything you kind of know its basically all the same damn thing — correct or do you think every thing is a bunch of different stuff — you would be kind of correct but not really — the thing is you can not have one with out the other good bad– the bad isnt bad by its self — by its self bad is not bad —  its something else — that becomes bad when some thing  shows up that is totally different than it — opposite — you can not have just one anything — dark light — day night — up down — opposites — which are each one side of a whole something — which is reflection  is the opposite again two sides — like something has to be there  to cast a shadow — but a shadow is nothing — oh theres alot more to this stuff but not right now — the shadow is part of whatever is making it  or else its not there — on a level we can not visulize everything is being where it is — because you have to have a not there to have a there — so is there a one —  yes  there is — idea — thought — its where you can have a thought by itself well no someone has to think a thought — so whats the one thing — its energy its all the same thing — it also has to be a part of everything or  nothing  isnt there — well an theres a difference there — nothing can be  part of energy — but energy has to be in everything — we can pretty much do a bunch of stuff to  everything but we can not do anything to eneregy — we are delusional if we think we control energy — you know there are people running around thinking that they made god and shit into words and bound them in the bible — nice try — firstly to do stuff like that you would need some kind of power to do stuff  — well what does power need to be anywhere —  it needs energy  — so if anyone thinks they are doing anything with their power — whats really going on is  —  is enrgy  giving power its power — so energy is holding its self prisoner — these guys think they know what life an death are — you see this is the problem every where — nothing is at all what you think it is  —  you think you know death because you think you know life — well i got news for all of you — ok the major requirement to die — would be you have to be alive in order to die — this is correct  right — well we didnt do alive yet — now try an wrap your head around that — while i ask — so exactly who are all the dead guys an how did all that happen —  the thing here is if your gonna put your hand into something — its only fair that everyone has a clear view of what everything is — so it goes like this — as far as what your suppose to know — the things your allowed to find and discover  and educate your selves with — well we have god 6 day 7 day stuff then flooding  and apples and adam then casting down to be a snake or are we the snake ok ill say it the devil — you got a bunch of comings an goings angels and casting out or down an now we have demons — oh an people running around going off the chain in every direction — then we get to where we all need to be saved and jesus does that an then everythings almost ok but we are saved but just for a minute — because we are all gonna die because of an apple — and not only that if we screw up any more we will be put in hell like forever — i guess kind of like jail here — an theres proof cause that guy isnt walking an talking — so we will bury  his body but his living soul we are going to save — so his soul can get to heaven an live with god an come back an be someone else —  is that the basically how it goes thats your story an your sticken to it — if it was me i think i would ask for my money back —  but i can totally see where if that is the only information to go on — an there are no options — then there you are — except shit can happen an does all the time — what if some new stuff showed up —  what if god decided to speak up — an he says hold on there — they got everyone believing that god guy is me — they got everyone believing their dying — where the hell is all the stuff thats suppose to be here for these guys — what is all this crap — ok this is going to take a minute to see if any of this is even salvageable — so this group here stold all the information from everyone an then buried them all  — but they kept some of the young ones who wont remember — so the group would have workers — because in the information they stold they found out a bunch of stuff they wouldnt let any workers know about — then they could be around forever and they would control with fear and conditioning and would only let the workers live so long — and so here we all are — well firstly no one knows me so i do not have a name — next there are the other people the group that have been doing this to you workers for eons — do you know about how long an eon is — enough time to set your group up sweet — so there will only be one way for you to know some new stuff — is for you to unknow everything you know — because part of what you know right now — is that you will not allow anything thats different from what you know now — i can tell you right now what everyone of you know — and you all know and believe in the same thing — you all know you are going to die someday — basically that is your foundation  — going to heaven seeing god final rest — all that your foundation is your faith but you have faith you will see god and you will go to heaven — it goes like this when i die im going to be in heaven with god —  ok now this is whats going on and why — ok i will be speaking for the creator of all creation who no one knows especially those of you who know god — im going to call the creator of all creation dude — since he has no name — for your information so you know dude has never said shit to anyone beside me an never will again — after this he will be speaking face to face — but until then i have been given the authority to speak for him — and also i am following instructions — so i dont waver — i am suppose to communicate certain things at certain moments — there are only two things i  know other than those two things i can know nothing — one is that i am beloved and the second thing i can know is everything is fine — but since im a girl an short an have no magic wand and cant levitate — and that i deal mostly with shit that isnt there  — i got to tell you with some of the stuff that comes in — even the fly by stuff — if you mix what comes in with whats happening out here its saying some big time shit — i can see it but i dont know what the stuff is out here — i guess its like thats not that without this — theres a very intense thing coming in and it says this — dude needs everybody to like duck right now cause everyone gets to make it — but not everyone is staying — because they choose something else — for warning — dude says he will do this with gravity — so you know — the good thing about all of this is — if you know your suppose to an if you dont know its because you cant — well i guess im done with this — but i have to tell you — im thinking — so what i dont see  a very big deal deal here — ok if i didnt get this — its ok dont panic –i cant fuck nothing up — an nothings doing nothing until everyone every single one is fine — an i know for sure to go in any direction — from right here nothing will get any futher without — every single one — if one is missing none will go — you know it doesnt matter what it is —  if we are all helping no would need help — this goes here — three people in a pyrimid circle with a pendgaluim in the middle  can change our physical change our compass points — ok  thats what im looking at kind of — and there you have it — please try an understand the importance of glitter —

thank you


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