I NEED TO ASK YOU GUYS SOMETHING — are you spam — I have been informed from other writers that the comments I had approved on my site are spam — they informed me that they know this because they get the same ones I was told to check the number of visitors against the number of comments — well I did and the comments were a much larger number than number of visitors — so I decided  to not put them out on my site — actually I dont think anyone should be to concerned about my site as no one really comes here — you know I am at a lose as to why there would be spam comments — what would be the point — if anyone knows why could you let me know what benefit spam comments bring — I am sad because I was happy my stuff helped someone — some how — you know those comments made me feel good and like a writer — it felt like you were my friends — if you did leave a comment I thank you — if you took the time to come here I thank you — if you have read something I wrote and it helped you in someway I am very glad — this is the strangest thing about me writing anything at all — I am educated as far as the second or third grade — I am a tomboy — I have never read at all an I have never read a book from start to finish — almost everything I do read I find that what the writers writing about is something the writer knows nothing about — its like ok im going to write about lawn mowers — and you read the whole book an its all about the hair removal or squirrels — when I start writing I have no idea what Im writing about an I never read what I write — I just think its real wierd that I write — oh you know what my mind is a criminal — when I look at anything my mind trying to hatch some sinister plan about it — and we are looking at a piece of pumpkin pie — I mean its ridiculous what I have had to deal with all my life — with my brian always trying to make everything a jail sentence — an all that stuff my brian wants to do — I actually have to deal with everything from start to the get away car — you may not think this is a very big deal — or that it can be dealt with easily — well if you had to wait while your mind did an entire plan on how to put your foot prints in the nieghbors newly poured patio or the complete plot with the hideout an everything get away car and how to fence the goods after we rob the avon lady — the sad thing about this is pretty much you are stuck with the brian you were born with — theres no trading it in for a new model — no up grades nothing — you cant walk in some where an ask for a blue brain because you hate the color yellow — I have had wonderful dreams where we were able to exchange our brains — you know where I could trade with a criminal whos brain did sunsets you know what I mean — I wonder how many people besides me that really dont like thier brain — Im thinking theres alot — I have been in alot of situations where I am at a total lose as to what to do because I didnt put us there my stupid brain put us there an it decided to go blank all of a sudden — well Im going to go for now — it looks like we are going to spend the day robbing parking meters — and there you have it —


thank you



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