So pretty much we all got up this morning an were robbed — an the robbery is going to continue all day until we lay our heads down to go to sleep — ok so we have a new guy thats going to be our president — some of us are happy an some of us are not happy about this — some of us are worried — this is a time where we are all together in a mess and we all know it — the fact that any one is knowing that theres a mess is immense and also its some thing that as far as time and events go — this has never happened ever — so this is actually a first — an by the way there are other first things going on also that are catastrophic that none of you are aware of —  and this makes me nuts — ok now just look at this right here for a minute — before you can do anything say paint your house or make a sandwich tie your shoelace — you have to think about it first — correct — so then thought is always first — so there you are — there we all are — an there is no way around the fact that we are form everyone of us — lets forget for a minute how — but lets go to the fact that if we are form right now — then we were a thought first an lets jump right over that an go with — exactly whos thought were we — i think we can all agree that it wasnt my thought or yours — i didnt think up trees either — now you can go ahead an try to know all the shit that was put there for you to know an all the shit that a person with all the identical parts we were all born with somehow got a special part that you or i didnt get — that knows stuff you dont an have no way of knowing neither do they — by the way — tell you an me this is what happened an this is this an that is that — an this is what you can know cause they said and this is what you an me are suppose to do — because this page of that book says an this guy was suppose to tell us stuff an what to do because — he knows how an its ok  for that guy to do anything he wants cause we dont know any thing — let me just ask you this — is the guy knowing all this stuff that we dont know — is he the guy that has uncovered an found — the mountains of proof that prove by god all the stuff he says oh an dose  — an lets not forget for one minute that in the books and bibles an scriptures — that were found in caves and under rocks and where ever the proof says –they all came from — all ended up together so whoever managed to take scrolls an remnants an stuff etched on rocks — an was able to put in order on each  page  — oh lets not forget the eye witness and sightings that can be found in the books them selves as more proof of the things in the books that all that stuff for sure will show us that we should not even question any thing because we are to have faith and believe and have testimony that all of that stuff is  in there — an if we were to look for it in all these ancient stuff that was published by random house — that states in older bibles that the queen herself approved or not all the words in it — so that should help us in our belief of the words of the scriptures and for sure all the stuff god said in that time when he was speaking with the guys that he wanted to tell them who he was gonna cut off and who he was gonna allow and help get rich and  his promises and to make sure that there is proof of a bunch of stuff — he wants to make sure that these guys let us all know that he thinks we are all sinners — that he would just as soon do another flood but he wont — but hes gonna stop talking to us — an he will  get a son an send him an we can tell him an he will do the talking for us  —  i dont know about you guys but i get it i wouldnt talk to us either if some chick ate a apple off my tree —   thats just in  one book and alot more each section of the globe — you know all the marked an separated  areas like usa russia Iceland germany — you know where each marked off section has its own stuff thats not anything like any of the other sections — different language clothes — different ways of doing things — and arent we all glad because we all are kept up to date about all the stuff the other marked off areas are doing you know all the bad stuff they all have going on and all of us need to make sure we are all safe from each other — hell  if the rest of the world wasnt so fucked up i bet it would be easy to have a world dance or something or we could do maybe a world garden together — with a theme maybe — like our garden feeds the world — we could even give it a name like world garden of Eden — but since we are gonna not even notice we are been robbed — you know the stuff we all dont have because it was taken from  eons ago — an replaced with everything that is ours today — well ok we can forget the poison stuff that allows us a slow certain death that replaced what was water — im not sure how many today have ever tasted or experienced real water — it was wonderful — an it was alive and it tasted wonderful an when you drank it or bathed in it — it did stuff to you it would make your skin an hayr soft — an when you drank it your body would completely come more alive — but at some point they were successful in destroying the entire natural water filtering and renewing system of the entire globe — one of them or a team of them figured out — that they could control all life on the globe with what it needs to live on — the two biggest is air and water — and by quietly doing little things that no one would think much of or completely lie an do things — like destroying all walks of native life — natives know and have communication with the globe and all things of nature — then you would affect the air supply — im not positive but i think all the air needed by everything is supplied by a living organism — its called the rain forest — if im not mistaken i think oil and big pharma are almost completely finished destroying the rain forest — well killing it — you see all the things that are alive they are trying to kill — now you may have your own idea of things that may cause you to have mayor conflict with the things i try to tell you — if you do you are you are having a mayor internal battle being fought– that is very real because — they also know the best way to build an army is to create an army where the soliders fight them selves — how you train them is to make sure that everything they have and know is what you let them have — but you let them believe they are in control their lives and everything they are doing — you do not ever let them see that you have given them everything — you gave them thier choices — you gave them all the knowledge they have — you built their institutions — you provided thier rights and thier wrongs — you provided them with what to feel and even the correct way to deal with those feelings — you condition them very young to follow you in grain in them to obey and then you make sure that there is only one thing they know — they can count on — you let them know fear — thats how you  build an army — oh you make sure they see everything new to them is some form of evil and its coming from the devil –now if you were to look at your choices — what are your choices of for gods or devils — how about life is your choice death — oh i forgot  you dont get a choice — well ok how about where you live — you may have a problem when i tell you where i get my information — that my information is given to me from the creator of all creation who wanted to know why he needs  a name so i said ok dude — an i tried to explain he might do better if he had a name — because pretty much everyone has anything and everything that he deals with thier guy an hes got a name its god an he has a bunch of other stuff — ok they dropped the l out of gold so people dont know they are worshiping gold still — but you would think when they god on the most evil thing there is– money that people wouldnt connect any dots but i dont think they even question why the one god we all have is actually part of our money — as well as the pyramid the all seeing eye the phoenix that its the one dollar bill — that has two actually real seals on it — that are sealing some thing on or in each dollar that its the only bill that does not have a building on the back of it — and if you counted all the feathers thier is 13 all the bricks 13 and so on and you know that the phonix was burnt to ashes and came back to life from its own ashes — im not sure about the banner in its mouth — lusha just got here with dinner driving her car that someone stole her sticker off of — which really doesnt help her with the things she is trying to do to help dude an the rest of us — that are trying save what is real — an locate the truth that was stold – what it was made to look like — an about the robbery and what might be missing — lusha wants me to make sure that i write down what i said earlier today —  i said that magnificent could be right in front of you and you will never see it — and there you have it thanks lusha your doing really wonderful things

this with hope  thank you





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