ok about the pipeline — do you not know that the best way to control people is by controlling thier water and food — its not at all about what you are meant to believe thats going on — its about what your not suppose to notice — and your not noticing that in a minute water will be something we cannot get — why is collecting rain water a crime — do you know there is a thing called harpp that controls the weather — its not that its not raining its that they are not allowing it to rain — do you think that these spills are not on purpose — people in flint know — do you think you are not going to be affected — do you not know or do you not believe that there are people doing these things to you — and yes i mean you — i dont care who you are or what you do or dont do — you are going to be affected — an its on purpose that this is going on during thanks giving — do you think that you will not see the cost of water go up to 500 a gallon — instead of everyone getting busy for the holidays — maybe people should get busy uncovering whats really going on –im just saying — an there you have it

thank you
pixie an dude

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