requirement for death to be alive — truth we are not alive yet — we have not received the gift — THE GIFT HAS NOT BEEN GIVEN YET — existence are all the same together we are on every level — we are aware of the time — this level pop up different level — we jumping around levels — his creations most beloved — he fashioned from the tree — somewhere find a likeness — do more on the tree —

creation IS — dude IS energy form he sparkles — first he created was thought not form — that is how he created us in his image — we can think — we totally take after him — thought is always first — if your going to sit down you have to give some thought of what to sit on — in the beginning dude was there — he created us in his image — so there we are thought — hence what is refered to as spirit or soul– we came into being thought — we were so special to him — he wanted to give us a gift — he wanted to give us a tiny bit of his self — which translates to life for us — but you can not give thought any thing — so to give us a tiny part of him — he just needs a place to put it — so the body hosts the head — the head houses the crown or mind where the tiny bit of dude can lives — without the body all we would have is a head rolling around

thought to form — evolution — part of evolution is existence — note — is not life — the reason for existence is to build or create — evolution the way you have been told is incorrect — its layering process — you start with one layer you add another layer and that layer is gone and you have a new layer — what was has become whats there now and the other is no longer — when they say we were fish got legs an walked out of the water they are incorrect we still have fish — they say we were monkeys an turned into men — incorrect we still have monkeys — there is no missing link — everything is evoluting of itself — rocks are evoluting of rocks, trees are evoluting of trees, ,monkeys are evoluting of monkeys and man is evoluting of man — everything coming from thought to form is evoluting — layer on layer till something is where there was nothing — if you check it out there is nothing i repeat nothing that dies — shit decays and becomes something else — SO WHEN NOTHING DIES — and we are going to believe humans are the only thing that dies — we will need some science or quantum guys to give a complete explanation on how this all works but it does cause we are here an we are form an i guarantee any form was thought first — an i know not one of us thought up the other one — an if they consider evolution correctly things might add up a little different —

now i should take a minute here an give you a tip on how best to take all this stuff i am giving you in — the only way to get it to flow — is you have to unknow everything you know an be like blank — the reason for this is that your entire foundation that is supporting you and you have built your life on — was laid down eons ago — by the ones that genocided egpyt and destroyed all know knowledge up to that point in time — that is why so much of the past is a mystery — the ones that did this tried to completely erase everything that was before them — an then they rewrote history covering and hiding everything they destroyed — lying and recording events and things that never happened or that happened a different way — while making customs traditions ,laws mans and gods to be followed by everyone — making themselves and their beliefs and freedoms all victims of egypt — slaves of pharoahs — writing themselves as rightous god fearing peaceful humble kind loving people — that were being — beaten whipped starved raped forced to make bricks from straw and forced to build great pyrmids from these bricks — so the story goes and is written as history — so the evil pharoahs could be buryed in them –then after all this evil being done to them and all their pyrmid building was completed — because of all their rightousness and praying to their god who is the only god is gonna finally show up and destroy all of the evil egypt — hes going to kill them all and lay their land and everything in it to waste — an hes gonna send a guy to round up all the rightous guys and all their stuff and send hail and bugs an turn water red an force the evil pharoah to let everyone go — then this guy is gonna make a path through the ocean by holding up a stick am making the water spread apart — an these guys are gonna walk through the ocean to get to where their going — because their god does this kind of miracles — now i think since this is what all of us today have to go on — we might want to take another look at some of these things — there is a possibility that there was a couple of shady things going on — there could have been a few guys thinking they wanted to control everyone and everything — and with no witnesses and no evidence — and if they made their own witnesses and made their own evidence — an wrote their own books — they could do anything they wanted — all they would have to do is stay a couple of steps ahead of everyone else — its possible they were thinking — hows anyone gonna ever know — if we control what they know and what they can do — so anyway this is why you need to unknow everything — you can know it some more after you check this stuff out– now if you can beleive moses parted the sea ,that we came from monkeys, that we are all going to die,noah built an ark,an that god got in a bush an made 10 comandments an gave to moses –then its not gonna take much more — for you to know that the gift he is giving you — the gift of truth — everything you know is a lie — and we had to evolute so we could recieve life — we thats all we had to do from the beginning to here — and we are at the completion of our human evolution — we have done something that has never done — we should have a world party — everyone made it not one is missing — there was a count at the start — that number is the same at the completion — the brain unites its self an becomes the mind — dude gives us all part of himself — an is in the mind — at the completion we all became a family of humans — made up of males and females period — no women no sisters — no fathers — there are no rules or laws– we are a self contained unit we have everything inside us to deal with what we need or our body can make it — we can grow a tail or be blue — the mind communicates with the body — we can look any way we want — when we got dude all grey matter becomes active — we now get everything that is in motion in inside us spiraling — which is life to us — none of this could happen until we were completly evoluted — from the get to the completion all that had to happen — was to evolute — an we have done this — so everything that happened from there to hear does not matter — so everyone makes it — we can start living — we can be here — but if we dont like it here — we can pick a star an create our own universe — and we have everything to be able to do that — we are not stupid anymore — an dude is able to put his toes in grass — the earth is actually his space ship — yes we are all flying around in space — we are the aliens — dude made one of everything an he made one day an appointed it 2017 — and this is the truth given freely with love and much affection — and there you have it — MERRY CHRISTMAS


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