ok if we are not going to take any action for any of the things that are definately destroying all of us — this is on a global scale — as well as this entire planet that we are standing on — now we are talking everyone an everything being totally destroyed — there is no one and no where that — people,animals,homes,air,water,land, nothing that is not being effected — we have been doing the same things with things only getting worse an now the scale is being tipped into the never being able to fix any thing — so if we are not going to do any thing because its gonna take more than 48 people an we only have 9 so far — why dont we dont do anything together — paying taxes is not doing any good — dont pay them — paying bills is not doing any good — stop paying them — schooling isnt doing any good stop going — working isnt helping stop working — going to church isnt helping — stop going — going to court and paying fines isnt helping — stop doing it — obeying laws isnt working — stop doing it — seriously — how long are we going to keep beating the dead horse before we realize its not even breathing — if no one paid taxes who are they gonna get first — an if no ones working that day — whos gonna get anyone — if the police arent getting paid whos gonna give you a ticket — if the government doesnt have the money how are they gonna bomb anyone — if theres no one to operate the backhoe whos gonna dig the trench to lay the pipes for the oil spills to happen — i mean fuck — an if you guys havent spent enough and prayed enough for god to do absolutely nothing about any of this yet — an everyone is dreaming an being retarded to think or even expect that trump one poor guy can walk in a magically fix things that alot of years an alot of people fucked up before he was even born — an jesus christ hasnt shown up yet — an its pretty fucking rude for anyone to lay all this an more on one anyone — even god — or even have the balls to lay the blame on anyone — even the devil — why dont you be responisable for your own sins an your own shit — it doesnt take a fucking rocket scientist to see where laying all responsiblty an all the blame reguardless how small or large — on one government, one god,one jesus,one devil, — has gotten us — an none of you can tell me you dont see this shit or that your not awake thats bullshit — your terrible from the inside out — an your not stupid your selfish — to the point of destruction an your taking innocent people an even children down with you — an you can all go about today like — oh well — well fuck you — an have you got a suprise coming — i will do a blog today when im not so mother fucking mad an disapointed in the human race — pixie an dude

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