th_pegasus1th_unicorns-51if you can understand what I am saying — then i have to tell you that i never really know what i am talking about until its done then i can see it — an can you actually really ever know any thing — i am being serious — if i am doing stuff it is because i am supposed to be doing it — some how not knowing what i am doing — and the fact that i am doing it well — should tell you that i have some bad ass protection an some mayor help going on — how come i can tell you things you do not know — but you know it — because there is a part of you that knows truth — and i speak the truth — we are dealing with female — knowing that — know females have basically one thing they can do — one thing they are capable of doing — and that is making sure that thier male happy an feeling good —

all the stuff i tell you is an IS an you cannot fuck with the shit that IS — i always think i am the same — but i am not– other people see that but i can not — there are times when i worry but i should not — if you do not let things be a problem they wont be — you have to not care about stuff could happen — it gets in the way of the stuff that IS — look at each thing that matters why is it there an how did it get in your way –if there is nothing there — then your in your own way — if your doing that its because your holding on or you wont let go — if you do not want to accept or look at shit that IS –it is because you have to much stuff that is not — if i went there it would be like becoming part of it — that is where you do not jump into to save a drowning person — you would both drown — what you do to save them is you would get rid of the water —
dude was amused he was looking for a starting place — no matter where he looked everything is a mess — we should be embarassed — we dont even have good water — dudes probably wondering — how can they not have water — there are dead fish everywhere — people are doing terrible things to people — people dying every where — and is death is not even real it is not an IS — dudes got to be saying what are they doing in cars an planes when they can move through time — you know its probably best make everything comical because its gonna be something — an i dont think we want it all to be sad — pissing off the dude that created us an everything does not feel exactly like a smart thing — if we did make him mad where are we going to hide — i said some stuff the other day an i take it back — i am no different than you — it is hard not to panic when everything is FUBAR — if you do go in any direction an you can not make it positive — then it better be fucking funny — who knows what if dude changed his mind and decided to live on like the jupiter — we would be up the fucking creek with no water — an there you have it

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