only one day —- just for a second — pick anything ,right now that you are capable of making , a little more than a sandwich — lets say a chair —- now if you start at 6 am ,when will you have a finished chair ?—- Well I am going to tell any one who will listen, that you made a certain chair in 4 seconds —- and that you said it is good — now you wanted to part the chair make it flirmament [ ???????? ] , so you did , an then you decided the chair was a good flirmament — and said let there be chair flirmament — so there was chair flirmament,– and this was the first day — then there appeared snow , upon your nose and your second toe , — and you said this is good — and your leg began twitching under the snow — you said it was good — but there was snow in the chair flirmament — so god divided the chair flirmament from the snow — and you called the snow , lamp — so you made lamp chair flirmament — and this was the second day —– Now does this make any sense at all — I AM SUCH A RESPLENDED WRITER AND IF I DESTROY ALL EXISTING WORDS AND REPLACE THEM WITH MINE THERE WILL BE NO STOPPING US — Well there are other things I could write about this chair , which you never made — we could find a chair someone else made and attach my words to it — but why would we want to ???? Well lets see ,first lets make sure there will be no way for anyone to know it isnt your chair — I know what to do,lets make a story , a history of the chair —make a war so anyone who might know of the chair will be a unable to do anything or find out what we are doing — we would have to also make sure there are no other stories out there anywhere — about any chair — just in case — lets besides destroying all information about chairs and any generations who may know of them — lets, some how make ourselves , chair authoritys — maybe we should start a kind of chair group — we could pass onto new members some chair knowledge , we could ask for money because of ,or in the name of the chair— WOW i am getting chills — just think if we did it RIGHT we would be able to promote the chair — we could say it has powers that let it control everything — we could make some special chair rules — for everyone to obey — we could call them leaves given to KEEPLEFT from THE CHAIR , instead of rules —–then a we could separate from you and me — and make you glovernment and i will call myself knower of all else forever —- What do you think ???? Its never been done so it will work great — OH!!!! Lets call it the THE CHAIR GREAT WORK — I guess i will go get started on the history story — why dont you get started on the war thing — and if we bring in those big mouth brothers — we can promise them a bunch of stuff if they destroy all chair stuff in any history– we will tell them a story that will scare them enough that they will do what we tell them the chair ordered — and lets make sure we are the only ones the chair will tell anything to —well i will mention all this in the history story — that way there will be proof — if i start the story far back enough — no one will ever even consider , its a bunch of fucking bullshit and we are lying completely out our asses —– i can see it — we are going to get rich off alot of people ————————————- AND WE WELL BE DOING ALL THIS FOR THEIR OWN GOOD ——– IN THE NAME OF THE CHAIR —————- WELL I HAVE TOTALLY DECIDED WE ARE GOING TO TURN THIS PAGE AND A HALF, OF SHIT I’VE WRITTEN SO FAR INTO THE ULTIMATE WORD OF THE CHAIR , WRITTEN IN THE FLIRMENT WHERE EYE CAN ALWAYS SEE YOU — BUT YOU ARENT ALLOWED TO EVER SEE ME , UNLESS YOU DROPPED … A LOAD…??? EVEN IF YOU COULD SEE ME , WHICH I WILL WORK IT ALL OUT AS I WRITE. ——————-You know sometimes you just dont have a choice you want to choose, so many times it gets pretty tight, to the point of , being forced to choose who you will be harming the worst. I am positive if the circumstances were different , the choices would be different. We have been going over it and over it, I am positive alot of things people do, their actions,words,feelings the things that you kick yourself in the ass about, well you had no options. We dont want to give excuses for anything or everything, but maybe we can show a tiny reason or two. What I am about to tell you has been some of the hardest stuff I have had to translate, for my understanding. Now I am going to try and translate that translation to you. I get this stuff in the strangest ways , some is like you would leave a footprint or dent. Some comes like pictures , but usually the pictures are of things I have never seen. some stuff , just pops in. So here we go— The most powerful thing we have and have ever had are swords [ words ] given the fact that the correct letters were screwed with , we dont care by who or when or why— it makes no difference . We do care about what that might possibly be reasponsible for — the adam ,the famous one of the bible.. is correctly written ATOM . Now I am very limited in academic education , also of the things most of you know, but I am sure if some really smart people, scientists, bible experts, rocket scientists , people with some kind of degree or something. — If they would just all try to apply ATOM and how it works to the story in the bible it would work much better than thinking some poor joker named adam way back in the day did all the stuff, that the ATOM probably actually does. — It could possibly even make some kind of sense out of the friggin book — if I knew how to go about checking it out , I would try to see if the bible might be a science book. — and maybe some of the science stuff would go with the story of creation. — I dont think any one would care if it helpped clear up a few things. Also about this seven day thing — it is all the same day — when you go making the same day be yesterdays and tomarrows, your confussing everything — if not for yesterday and tomarrow , we would be as we are today. Its the same day it just gets darker for a minute, — and if all the unnatural light was turned off, it wouldnt be that dark either — back to the word thing — if you do something that is wrong exactly how are you suppose to right it ? There are probably is an opposite to everything — so if you have a right you have a left, and if you have now a wrong also — just where do you get an extra right ? If you have a sin where are you going to get an unsin at ? If the correct word is used, — one that did its job — you are incorrect — you can fix it by being correct — not only can you fix it, you arent stuck with a sin or a wrong anything. Also you can pin down the elusive wrongful sinning you have going on — Well thats as far as I can go for now — THE CREE-A-TOR and me are getting alittle zombied right now. I am going to go ahead an get this out — I will go back over it when I can focus better. ———— — THANKS SHERYL AND GOD

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