th_mermaidandunicornsOur natural medicine —- before pills and things — was and is smiling and laughter — smile a real smile right now — you can feel a smile through out your intire body — this is why we can smile and laugh — so we feel better — if you had a sick world you would find a world doctor an he would give the sick world laughter and it would get better — if we dont do anything else yet — we should start smiling laughing singing and dancing — we will start feeling better — everyone is saying we are awakening — actually we are preparing to become alive — something we have not been yet — we have been doing existence of which has several different levels — no one has died — we are jumping around on levels of existence — death isnt even a real word let alone some thing that is real — the definition is sleep rest — im sure to die you would have to be alive first — an we are not yet — the thing about existence is you are only aware of the level you are on — also the universe is in its final alignment — and all foundations are crumbling — we are preparing for life an dude is here or damn close — so basically every thing is as it should be really — to know the things i try to tell you — you have to unknow everything first — you have to build a new foundation — because as long as there have been humans — there have been humans trying to control other humans — way back when you can see religion and fear of the unknown — were the best tools used on humans — to make them affraid and then give them hope — look he died but its ok because he is with god — weather they destroyed or hid the knowledge — or if they never had it — you can know for certain the mass of humanity has been being controlled and today you can see humans the mass of humans — have been conditioned as well as controlled by other humans — you see if you kill anyone that would stand against what you say — well that makes you the authority –then if you separate humans like ok they live there and they live there — then you go another step — you put someone in charge in each area and make sure each area is completely different — say like lets make that area russia and that area japan — and you tell japan this is what and you yake russia and tell them its like this — its a better way to control them because they are becoming to many — we will make a map and draw lines to keep them where we want — we will keep them fighting for what we told them to believe — we will have some smarter some richer oh i know lets make civialiation and societys we will control everything they see and hear we will make police so we can route out and get rid of anyone that will threaten us — we will have to stage and have some innocent people hurt and killed to scare the rest — lets do this we will do things in the name of whatever — we will separated and become church and state that way we can keep them all in line — we will make sure they stay busy so they wont have time to ask questions we will make schools to condition them while they are young — we can make wars to control the populations all over the globe – we will stay in places of power and let them fight with each other over the scraps we throw – and paul when your writing that book the bible i dont like the peach lets make her eat an apple — an i think a month is way to long if god is all that — he should be able to do everything in a week but dont use week keep it days 7 days make sure they are affraid of the god guy — wee will give god a son and we will kill him and say hes coming back to show there is the father god — in case someone trys to say they are him lets tell everyone if he comes back its really the devil — oh did you make sure that devil guy is scarey enough or this wont fly — if theres a problem add a secvond half of the book — we will chain it to something so no one will really see it or whats in it until we get it finished an we will make a book for each area fuck then we can have holy wars we will have them fighting over their beliefs as well as the dirt they are on –we can make coins and stop the trading amounst them so everyone will need to get coins — we have to stop all the writing and replace it all with something else we can control — what about this we will make an alphbet and it will be letters abcd you know — we will call everything before us pagen and tell them that stuff is evil if it shows up — let me know when your bible is done so we make sure they can get one but we will have all the relious leaders tell them to only read what we tell them — dont worry the people will never suspect a thing — boy this is great isnt it — lets make sure to have enough wars so things can be hidden and memories arent talked about — be sure they population doesnt get to big or we wont be able to control them and they could turn on us — well its something like that is why you have to unknow what you have built your foundation on — because everything you know has been put there for you to know and you have been conditioned to reject anything else — well ill let this sit for awhile with you an tell you this — i want nothing from you — yes i would like you to see what im trying to show you — but for your own good not mine i already know this stuff — and there you have it–
thank you

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