th_6f228ecc-1a world celebration of our completion of our human evolution — we actually have evolved from thought to form — thought is always first — if you are in fact form — then you in fact were thought — we have done something that has never been done before we evoluted — — our brains that have been moving our body around — that has been to sides — unite and are one — the mind and the body unite and become one — now the body can move on its own — an the mind can guide the body we are human being — the body is the host — it holds the head — the head houses the mind — in the mind dude can put a tiny bit of himself — that little bit of himself dude gives us — is life to us — which is the gift of life — we are self contained units — we now are a family not a spieces — the only family ever that there will be — made up of males and females — in the image of dude — we can think — we are humanbeings — every star is a potenial universe — if we dont like it here we can make our own univerese — we have knowledge with understanding — im just thinking — party oh an dude is gonnas put his toes in grass — ok i dont have a clue yet as to what to do — but dudes awake — but i dont think hes quickened yet — oh it has to do with vibration and a bunch of stuff — and there you have it
thank you
pixie an dudeand become the mind

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